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The educational program provide knowledge in order to prepare high qualified specialists able to  know the characteristics of the organization and implementation of the technology trade business ,its qualitative development and a high level of economic efficiency and social responsibility.


The program includes the study of a large number of subjects related to the wholesale trade, the establishment and functioning of the network of trade patterns reveals successful strategies based on the principles of category management, franchising, advertising management, the effects of financial and operational leverage in the business of selling.


Students will acquire competences and will be enable to:

 -analyze the business environment Trade Organization and to evaluate its effectiveness;

 -choose innovative procurement and sales of goods;

- model and predict trends in the market conditions and business technologies;

 - carry out a strategic analysis of the problems of the organization (enterprise)

 - choose the best options for their solutions.


Core subjects:

• business planning;

• methods of analysis in trading conditions;

• Regional trade development strategies;

• Category Management;

•  development of trade networks,

• organization of trade unconventional commodity groups;

• modern technologies in wholesale trade;

• Typing commercial enterprises.



Department responsible of specialization educational program -  Department of Trade policy