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Student Exchange Experience feedback
As IBS-Plekhanov student of Economics (Finance and Credit profile) I have been given a chance to participate in the exchange program at Haute École de Gestion in Geneva from February to June 2020.
That was a very extraordinary exchange program, as it coincided with the global COVID-19 lockdown. However, it turned out that Switzerland, Geneva in particular was the best place in the world to stay during that time. 
With regard to the course program offered at HÉG, I can firmly state that everything was at a very high level. Despite switching to online courses everything was well organized and did not cause any inconvenience either for students or for professors. There was no visible gap between the students as virtually everyone came from a different country. Moreover, the treatment from the side of the professors was very friendly and it really won the students over.
I feel genuinely fortunate and happy to have been in such a place at that time.
An extremely exciting aspect of my exchange program was about choosing the right minor subject. It was Shipping. 
It grabbed my attention, because I had never come across such a discipline in management-related university programme. The course was professionally oriented at people who decided to work in the shipping industry, with cargoes and vessels. Despite the stereotype that "sea" is predominantly for seamen, there were girls, too. 
It is worth mentioning that the final project in Shipping was a company valuation, in my case it was Teekay Tankers (TNK). Thanks to the numerous practical tasks I did on estimation the business's value in a number of courses at Plekhanov University of Economics (IBS-Plekhanov faculty), I passed that very exam in Geneva easily and was one of the best students in final task results.
In short, I accumulated rather unique and highly instructive knowledge and skills in a specific area. These would definitely add to my employment prospects.

siris_00001.jpg siris_00002.jpg

On 2 September 2020, for and on behalf of ICN ARTEM Business School, a Double Degree partner of IBS-Plekhanov in France, we issued the French Diplôme Sup' Est to Alina Zelenina.
Alina Zelenina did her Double Degree (Study Abroad) year at ICN ARTEM, a triple accredited business school in the city of Nancy, France.
Alina Zelenina has successfully completed all Double Degree requirements in France and graduated from IBS-Plekhanov as Bachelor of Economics (Profile Finance and Credit).  Following that, she has now received her second Degree (Diploma) from ICN ARTEM, France.
Our congratulations to Alina, we wish her every success in her career!

DD Zelenina1.JPG DD Zelenina2.JPG

Our Experience with the Business Game 2020.

As IBS-Plekhanov students of Economics (Finance and Credit profile),  we have taken part in the Business Game. At IBS-Plekhanov, this is a regular event, every year for first and second year students. The Business Game has been an incredible experience, that much we can tell you!
Even though the circumstances were such, that we were not able to meet our international professors due to the spread of COVID-19, the overall event has been magnificent. This was our chance to get a glance into the different teaching methodologies of education by partner universities of IBS-Plekanov from The Netherlands. Moreover, during the last two years, we have accumulated quite  sufficient theoretical knowledge in the fields of finance, economics, entrepreneurship, and many others,  so this was the perfect opportunity for all students to finally test it out in the real world, as we were provided with a special platform that carried a simulation as close to reality as possible. This has taught us a few important points that we will take with us in our later careers.
As the winning team, we can say that this was not easy at all. Sometimes our debates about our next strategic moves would take us hours, just to reach the final decision that we were happy with. However, through these debates, we were able to understand how important the understanding of the business is. Such crucial things as having a clear plan in mind beforehand, based on which later on a forecast of future activity would be built were taught to us. We have learned that our plan should be realistic and take into account many different factors, such as consumer demand and actions of our competitors, and that's only to name a few. Learning to produce a forecast that would reflect reality as closely as possible proved to be one of the major tactics to implement. Based on it, it can be said exactly how many products to produce or how much cost a company is ready to endure. Teamwork is also a key element to any business as we believe, because only through a collective effort of everybody on our team we were able to reach the top.
Overall, we are full of joy and gratitude for this experience, and we would definitely recommend such a game to all students who consider choosing IBS-Plekhanov.

06.05.2020 As always, together with our great partners worldwide, we adapt to the new challenges and get stronger together.

COVID19 could not stop internationalisation and exciting learning experiences for our students.

From 6th till 10th April, Rob Warmenhoven from HAN, our regular guest lecturer from the partner university from Arnhem, The Netherlands,  ran a complete Business Management Game week remotely. Our students found the learning experience highly instructive and extremely rewarding.

While some of the international guest lectures initially planned for April and May 2020 had to be postponed and moved to the next academic year for safety and COVID19 prevention reasons, together with our enthusiastic international colleagues, we keep 2nd year Business Game running, albeit remotely, maintaining the great spirit our Dutch partners have been sharing with our students for 30 years.

First year Business Planning Game for this years' students is expected to be run here in Moscow, at IBS-Plekhanov at the end of October 2020, if international travel becomes possible by that time. At the same time, together with our international colleagues, we make sure we stay in touch and continue to create educational value in new, online ways.

Our big thanks to Rob Warmenhoven for a great Business Game!

Rob Warmenhoven.jpg rv1.jpeg

On 29th April, the Business Game started for 2nd year students of Economics (Profile Finance and Credit). This Game is operated by our colleagues from HU University of Applied Sciences from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Again, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of our partner university in the Netherlands, particularly Director International Affairs Jelly Offereins and Senior Lecturer Gerrit-Jan Lanting, our students of FInance have a great international learning experience, even during the time of self-isolation and temporary stop of international travel. Gerrit-Jan Lanting launched the Business Game on 29th April and will continue it during the next month online.
This game has proved to be a highly exciting and useful learning experience, too.

business_game20_00002.jpg business_game20_00003.jpg

business_game20_00004.jpg business_game20_00005.jpg

On 17th January 2020, Timothy A. Mescon, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Officer Europe, Africa and Middle East of AACSB, visited Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
AACSB, which stands for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, is one of the world's three most recognized international organizations providing accreditation to business schools, and a number of top business schools rank AACSB first in quality and importance.
IBS-Plekhanov, as the business school that pioneered the delivery of all courses in English and 2-way international student mobility in Russia's higher education, implements the continuous quality assurance and improvement strategy. In line with it, membership in major international organisations and subsequent accreditation are a high priority.
In January 2019, IBS-Plekhanov had the honour of the first visit by the Executive Vice President of AACSB.  Following that meeting, a decision was made to join this Association. In December 2019, IBS-Plekhanov application to become a member of the AACSB was approved.
On 17 January, AACSB Executive President Timothy A. Mescon met Head of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics International Office Professor Leonid A. Bragin and Head of the Department of Relations with International Organizations and Foreign Universities Ms. Nana M. Sadykhova.
After the University International Office, Dr. Timothy A. Mescon had a number of meetings with the Deputies of the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov (Heads of Dean's Office Departments) about the further steps in cooperation with the AACSB and about the implementation plan of AACSB accreditation process of IBS-Plekhanov for the next 5 years.
At IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office, Dr. Timothy A. Mescon met Ms. Lamara Z. Inarkaeva, the Deputy for Undergraduate Programmes, Dr. Ekaterina S. Novikova, the Deputy for Master Degree Programmes, and Mr. Dmitry A. Epifanov, the Deputy for International Cooperation.
AACSB Vice President provided valuable guidance and helped develop a clear step-by-step plan to embark on AACSB accreditation process.
After the meetings, Dr. Timothy A. Mescon was offered a tour of the campus of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, with the main landmarks of its history reflected in the architecture of many of its buildings.


On 26 November, Professor Julia Krause, a representative of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, a Student Exchange and Double Degree partner of IBS-Plekhanov in Germany, visited IBS-Plekhanov.
Professor Julia Krause met Professor Nadezhda V. Ponomareva, had a number of meetings with the administration, teachers and students of IBS-Plekhanov, suggested a number of ideas to implement for the development of cooperation between our universities, for the increased student and teacher mobility.
Professor Julia Krause also attended the intercultural communication lecture by Professor Sander Schroevers on the day of her visit.
The cooperation between IBS-Plekhanov and HTW Dresden is going to continue and grow.


Learning from the rapidly changing international business and education environment: a month of extracurricular lectures, events, workshops at IBS-Plekhanov: key events and an overview.
Here at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, we keep inviting speakers from major international companies and partner universities worldwide. What is in it for our students?

Just over a year ago, at QS World Employability Rankings Launch in Geneva, the plenary started with a quotation from Alvin Toffler: 'The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.'

A very strong data analysis competence, adaptability and resilience were mentioned among the top qualities most in demand with employers, while often underestimated by both universities and their graduates.

At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, we take the message seriously. IBS-Plekhanov, the faculty which pioneered truly international education in this country, takes extra efforts to present its students, international and national alike, with a series of events by a number of international speakers, with both academic and business backgrounds, to show the new developments in the dramatically changing international business environment, at a number of angles. These may add to, but also challenge the body of knowledge already acquired by students within the curriculum.

The deliberate exposure to a number of external views ignites curiosity and the desire to learn more, and even more importantly, reinforces the analytical ability of our students.

Within any single month at IBS-Plekhanov, there is always a good choice of international events to learn from. November 2019 has been particularly exciting, though.

On the 6th and 7th, professors from Hof University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria, Germany, Michael Spoerl (Professor International Taxation) and Dr. Heinz Goehring (Professor Financial and Managerial Accounting) delivered a short extracurricular course of lectures and seminars in their areas for 3rd year IBS-Plekhanov students of Finance.

This course started with lectures and seminars in Comparative International Taxation by Professor Michael Spoerl, and continued with lectures and seminars by Professor Heinz Goehring in Financial and Managerial Accounting.
Both professors from our partner university in Bavaria provided meaningful insights into theory and practice and discussed highly instructive cases of international companies operating in a number of markets. These real-life cases, particularly the ones focused on transfer pricing activities of international companies, raised a number of controversial questions. How much is the difference between what is legal and what is ethical? How far can multinational companies go in optimizing, "legally" reducing the taxes they pay in the countries where they operate and actually make a lot of profit? How do countries respond to that?

These workshops not only stimulate students of Economics to revise and understand the theory and the concepts, but also encourage to apply them, to make sense of the new cases and developments in the areas of Finance and Taxation. These spheres, sometimes stereotypically perceived as "boring", proved to be exceptionally exciting, and the atmosphere captured by photos of small group discussions in workshops is breathtakingly motivating.

Here is the feedback by Valeriy Siris, a 3rd year student of Economics (Profile Finance and Credit) at IBS-Plekhanov: "The course on International Taxation and IFRS provided by German professors was extremely intriguing. It is simply indispensable for students who want to recall the material regarding accounting, for those who are eager to broaden their horizons by obtaining data on international taxation. Eventually the person who attended these lectures and learned about the IKEA and Apple cases will become more flexible in a highly changing world, and be ready to deal with the sophisticated IFRS and taxation issues in the future. The course was definitely worth attending!"

november_00001.jpg november_00002.jpg november_00003.jpg

november_00004.jpg nov_add.jpg

On 19th November, a grand scale lecture took place, thanks to our many years' cooperation with Banca Intesa, particularly because of the continued support of Professor Antonio Fallico, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banca Intesa, for business education and for the quality of IBS-Plekhanov programmes. The top management of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics provided all its support for the event, too. Dr. Petr A. Karasev, Vice Rector for Education and Methodology Work, opened the event, during which Mr. Mauro Micillo, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, presented a lecture about the international economic outlook and the evolving banking model in the light of the growth of fintechs.

This event, attended by over 250 students, international and national, and a number of experts from Banca Intesa, focused on the present day trends that completely transform the financial and banking sphere.

In his highly informative and analytical lecture, relying on a vast array of up-to-date data on a both the European and the global scope, Mr. Mauro Micillo demonstrated how the banking sector is no longer what is used to be. All the old ways and methods that banks used to rely on no longer work.  Current macroeconomic trends aggravate the situation: lower global growth is driven by manufacturing output slowdown; international trade has been lower than the historical average since 2011. Geopolitical factors, including the trade conflicts and trade wards, have been affecting international trade more than ever.

The long-term outlook, Mr. Mauro Micillo demonstrated, is determined by global forces disrupting the landscape. The ageing population, the rise of healthcare expenditures, the shift of power to Asia, a new wave of automation driven by artificial intelligence: these are just some of the factors making the context in which banks operate today even more challenging.

Banks are trying to respond to these challenges. However, the key lines along which they have acted so far (reducing the cost base, for example), have not brought the desired results.

The competitive context in particularly difficult for the banks from Western Europe. 56% of banks worldwide show ROE below the cost of equity. While in 2007, six European banks were in the world's top 15 by market capitalization, in 2019 only one of these remains there.

The situation may be perceived as unnerving both for the banks and for those aspiring to start a career in this sphere.

However, Mr. Mauro Micillo has shown a new exciting trend, which may throw light at the end of the tunnel for those who are ready to notice it. There is a number of ways in which banks can pursue stronger value and thus become more competitive. One of the key approaches is driving technological innovation.

Thus the key message of the lecture was: talent is a key enabler for banks to address, and the hiring of the right talent, aligning it to strategic priorities can ensure that banks can compete with technology players on perceived attractiveness.

Mr. Mauro Micillo has shown how banks and higly dynamic fintech companies can join forces.

This lecture has provided a source of both enlightenment and motivation to boost the competences of our students.

november_00005.jpg november_00006.jpg november_00007.jpg november_00008.jpg

On the 26th and 27th November, Professor Dr. hc. Sander Schroevers and drs. Aynur Dogan from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences taught a Predeparture Exchange Module aimed at developing and honing students' intercultural competences.

IBS-Plekhanov faculty is Russia first higher education programme taught entirely in English and with two-way student mobility from the day it was launched in 1992, after that, other universities and faculties followed suit with setting up programmes taught in English and starting their student mobility process with partner universities abroad. International student mobility is very attractive, and, when efficiently used, increases the skills most valued by international employers in the rapidly globalizing world. Moving to live and study in another country and culture for a semester or year involves a number of challenges, though, and it was exactly about addressing these challenges that the Predeparture Exchange Module by Sander Schroevers and Aynur Dogan is focused on.

Whatever clever books and guides one may read before going abroad, almost everyone, deep down, expects people in the foreign country to react the way people in the home country do, interprets their words, gestures and actions in the way that may work at home. The picture showing one driving a car, seeing the Arc de Triomphe in Paris through the windshield and still seeing The Kremlin in the rearview mirror is a very good metaphor of our anchoring on our own culture and ways of thinking.


In their highly interactive lectures and workshops, Sander Schroevers and Aynur Dogan illustrated how vast the cultural differences between different cultures are. The lecturers touched upon the theoretical frameworks, such as Hofstede's Cultural dimensions and Trompenaars' model of culture differences, and ran a number of exciting experiments with the students. The target audience, mostly 2nd and 3rd year students about to go on exchange and double degree semesters or years to partner universities, experienced the challenges and the differences in cross-cultural communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and thus all their senses sharpened and prepared for the immersion into a different culture.

The special value of this pre-departure course was that colleagues from Amsterdam specially tailored it to the countries with the highest student mobility flows with our faculty and university.

Speaking on behalf of the students who took part, Valeriy Siris: "I was given the opportunity to attend Sander's lectures in the Pre-departure Exchange Module. Sander Schroevers delivered tremendously great lectures, which were extremely catchy and really fascinating.  The cultural Intelligence expert presented the module in a very vivid and artistic manner always being in the center of gravity by telling funny jokes and interacting with the audience.

Aynur Dogan provided helpful information on how to organize one's life studying in a foreign country. Furthermore, Ms. Dogan told a great number of fascinating stories, which inspire and give power to go towards the dream, to study abroad!"

november_00010.jpg november_00011.jpg november_00012.jpg

november_00013.jpg november_00014.jpg

On 21st November, a representative of IBS-Plekhanov visited the Reims campus of Neoma Business School, one of the key student exchange partner business schools in France, took part in the International Day,  presented the programmes and the key advantages of IBS-Plekhanov as a student  exchange/study abroad destination for international students.


In early November, professors from Hof University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria, Germany, Dr. Heinz Goehring (Professor International Taxation) and Dr. Heinz Goehring (Professor Financial and Managerial Accounting) delivered a short extracurricular course of lectures and seminars in their areas for 3rd year IBS-Plekhanov students of Finance.
This course started with lectures and seminars in Comparative International Taxation by Professor Michael Spoerl, and continued with lectures and seminars by Professor Heinz Goehring in Financial and Managerial Accounting.
Both professors from our partner university in Bavaria provided meaningful insights into theory and practice and discussed highly instructive cases of international companies operating in a number of markets.

hof_00001.jpg hof_00002.jpg hof_00003.jpg


From 26th to 29th October, IBS-Plekhanov is taking part in Eduniversal 2019 World Convention of best business school, this year hosted by Sasin School of Management in Bangkok, Thailand.
At each Eduniversal Convention, the year's rankings for business schools are released for the year, reflecting the performance and the reputation of each business school.
In 2018, IBS-Plekhanov received an upgrade from 3 Palmes league (Excellent Business Schools with Reinforcing International Influence) to 4 Palmes (Top Business Schools with Significant International Influence). This was the result of many years work of IBS-Plekhanov on the growth of its international partnerships network, better and wider opportunities for national and international students, as well as further improvement in the quality of education.
The newly released rankings, with IBS-Plekhanov being ranked in the very high 4 Palmes league again, for the second consecutive year, has proved that our Business School is following the right strategy for development, in a highly sustainable way, thus creating better value for its students and their future employers.

thai19_00001.jpg thai19_00002.jpg thai19_00004.jpg


On 24 October 2019, all students of UCL partner university (from Odense, Denmark) defended their final projects, thus successfully completing their 2 week Cultural Understanding Study Programme at IBS-Plekhanov.
All teams and team members worked well both during the preparation and the final presentation stage, integrating what they learned during lectures, workshops and company visit, making good use of pre-event reading, own observations and classes.
Still, one team worked particularly well, receiving the highest scores from the panel of teachers at the defence:
our special congratulations to: Frederik Larsen, Kristian Sommerlund, Benjamin Diernisse and Jens Andreasen (ranked 1st), and our congratulations on successful defence and receiving certificates to all 21 members of UCL Cultural Understanding Study Programme group, for their hard work, positive attitude, for the pleasure of working with them during these 2 amazing weeks!
Our big thanks to UCL colleagues and UCL programme director for working with us, helping create this learning experience and paving the way for future cooperation!


Within the 2 weeks Cultural Understanding Programme for students of UCL University College, Odense, Denmark, a company visit to Zinger Grill restaurant, Arbat, Moscow took place on the 22nd of October.
The CEO and founder of Zinger Grill, IBS-Plekhanov alumnus Victoria Torgomyan and the Marketing Manager of Zinger Grill, IBS-Plekhanov alumnus Maria Apellesova provided the students of our Danish partner university with insights into the features of restaurant business in Russia, the way a restaurant is run in our country. Moreover, Victoria Torgomyan and Maria Apellesova explained how CEOs, top managers and staff communicate, on the example of the restaurant they are running, the way they communicate with suppliers and customers.
The first hand experience of seeing a successful restaurant in the very heart of Moscow, Zinger Grill, from the inside, will definitely contribute to the understanding of business culture in Russia and the prospects students of IBS-Plekhanov have after graduating.

zinger19_1.jpeg zinger19_2.jpeg

2 week Cultural Understanding programme at IBS-Plekhanov for students of UCL University College (Odense, Denmark) continues with lectures, workshops, case studies, work in groups, exploring Plekhanov University and the city of Moscow.
Today (17.10.2019) UCL group visited Kolomenskoye historical park in the afternoon.


We warmly greet our valued international students from the very heart of Denmark, from the fairy tale town of Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

We are happy to reinforce our student exchange cooperation with a 2-week Cultural Understanding programme, which will help to counter stereotypes and preconceptions from both sides, help students of UCL and IBS-Plekhanov to be immersed into each other's cultures and understand each other more!

denmark_00001.jpg denmark_00002.jpg denmark_00003.jpg

During the second week of October, Florentin Popescu, Ph.D, a lecturer from HAN (Arnhem Business School), our partner university in the Netherlands, taught the Professional Workshop in the International Business Master Degree Programme of IBS-Plekhanov.

popescu19_00001.jpg popescu19_00002.jpg popescu19_00003.jpg

During the first week of October, Rob Warmenhoven, a regular international lecturer from HAN (Arnhem Business School), our partner university in the Netherlands, taught extracurricular NLP workshops.
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a modelling approach that offers a toolkit of positive techniques for dealing with life’s opportunities and challenges. In a highly interactive way, Rob Warmenhoven demonstrated the essence and the value of NLP for personal and career success of our students.


On 05th September 2019,  D.A. Epifanov, Head of International Department at IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office, visited the Reims campus of NEOMA Business school, one of the key international student exchange and Double Degree partners of IBS-Plekhanov for many years.
D.A. Epifanov had a number of meetings, with the Dean of NEOMA Business School Dr. Delphine Manceau, with Director of International Projects and Mobility Mr. Michel Motte, with International Development Officer Ms. Anna Aleksanyan.
These meetings were aimed at the facilitation of international mobility for both NEOMA and IBS-Plekhanov students. Apart from operational matters which were all taken care of, the parties agreed on the further development and expansion of the existing cooperation. For example, NEOMA Business School, which traditionally hosted international exchange and Double Degree students at its Rouen campus, has launched a Global BBA programme at its Reims campus this year.
On 21 November, D.A. Epifanov is planning to visit Reims campus of NEOMA again, to present IBS-Plekhanov as a Study Abroad destination for NEOMA students of Global BBA during the International Day. At the same time, for current 1st year students of IBS-Plekhanov the choice of Study abroad destinations in France has expanded, and they can aspire do study during their 3rd year at NEOMA campus in the beautiful city of Reims.
NEOMA Business School and IBS-Plekhanov are making many more efforts to create added value for their students in their continued and growing cooperation.

neoma19_00001.jpg neoma19_00002.jpg

Workshop NLP
What is NLP? is a question many people ask.
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is a modelling approach that offers a toolkit of positive techniques for dealing with life’s opportunities and challenges.
The workshop will be very pragmatic and interactive.  It will help you to deal with everyday challenges as a student. 
Friday 04 October. 15:40 to 17:10.
NLP Workshop by Rob Warmenhoven. Room 260 in building 6.


On Friday 19th April, Professor of Marketing Andreas Zehetner, Vice President for International Relations of Upper Austria Applied Sciences University, with experience of building cooperation relationships all over the globe and Professor of Marketing, ran a cross-cultural awareness in cross-cultural marketing: "open your eyes to what is around you" workshop  for Master Degree students of International Corporate Finance and for everyone who wanted to join.
The workshop opened our eyes to the fact that we all see the world around us through the lens of our preconceptions and experience. 
We assume everyone around us is just like ourselves. Or, worse still, we assume the people around us, especially in another country or culture, are different from us in a way we expect them to be. The way some books and theories have taught us.
It turns out that they are not! In present day world, with information overflowing us, we get bombarded by far too many signals. They blur our vision, and even learning a lot often kills of our ability to observe, to notice the real differences.
Professor Andreas Zehetner motivated the participants of the workshop to to revive the genuine curiosity and power of observation that Mother Nature gave us in childhood.
These comptences, opening up, noticing and learning mean real success in an international business environment, particularly in International Marketing.
The workshop  was an unforgettable and instructive, very practical learning experience.

zehetner_00001.jpg zehetner_00003.jpg zehetner_00004.jpg

03 July at 18:00 in room 313(3) Prof. Dr. Pablo S. Blesa Aledo, Vice Rector of UCAM (The Catholic University of Murcia), partner university of IBS-Plekhanov in Spain, will meet IBS-Plekhanov students to talk about the advantages of study abroad semester in Spain, in the beautiful city of Murcia, in an excellent university with its campus  located in a unique and historical monastery.
Prof. Dr. Pablo S. Blesa Aledo is Vice rector of International Relations at the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (Spain) since 2006 and Vice rector of International Relations and Communication since 2009; Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication since March 2010, where he teaches Political Sciences to second year students of Journalism and Media Studies.  Prof. Blesa is also Director of the Master’s Program in European Studies and Human Rights.
Everyone who is considering Spain as a Study Abroad destination is invited! Professor Blesa will be happy to answer your questions!

NLP Workshop by Rob Warmenhoven

What is NLP? is a question many people ask.
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is a modelling approach that offers a toolkit of positive techniques for dealing with life’s opportunities and challenges.
The workshop will be very pragmatic and interactive.  It will help you to deal with every day challenges as a student. 
Friday 14 June. 14:00 to 15:30
NLP Workshop by Rob Warmenhoven - Room 265 in building 6


IBS-Plekhanov international lectures and workshops, May 2019:
Intercultural Management Workshops by Professor Antonio Robalo, on Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 23 May, at 15:40
Professor Antonio Robalo, Professor of Management and Associate Dean International of ISCTE-IUL School of Business (Lisbon, Portugal), will share some insights into intercultural management and its practical applications.
You will look at cultural differences and how they are reflected in management.
In the second session, there will be a chance to deal with a practical case, exploring how marketing works across different regions of the world.

Hands-on, interactive, highly instructive for anyone doing their studies and planning a future career in an international environment.
Wednesday 22 May and Thursday 23 May at 15:40 (each workshop 90 minutes) room 265 (6)
On the 21st of May, 15:40 , room 203(3), the lecture titled: ”Let’s make great things... together” will take place. The visiting speaker is a successful Business changer and Coacher Danny Perekalsky. With business experience with 17 companies across 18 countries.
Since moving from Israel, he turned the Russian world of retail upside down. Leading positions in the major Russian corporations are among his experiences. 
While in the position of Marketing Director for “Dixy”, he totally changed the business and pushed the company to the top of retail leaderboard. 
As the CEO of Ozon Group, he reinvented into a leading online-shop accounting more than 5 million items. 
He currently busy with his new ShakeUp business (chain of Natural shakes and juices to give energy and health to people around), business coaching and holds boards position at AVON global and BI group (Kazakhstan).
His book, the best seller “Идём Вперёд!” is a digest of 25 years worth of personal experience.

On 27 March, Viktoria Sogomonyan, a successful graduate (2015) of IBS-Plekhanov, now CEO of PGV Group и Grillvett, an expert in restaurant business, delivered a highly instructive lecture for high shool (9th to 11th year) students from  school #1282 "Sokolniki", a partner of IBS-Plekhanov.
Viktoria shared both her passion for restaurant business and her entrepreneurial experience. She talked about how to develop a business from scratch, to make it successful, how to draw up a plan and implement it.
She also urged our prospective students to start planning at an early stage, to be attentive to detail and be prepared for the most pessimistic scenario, to be able to cope with any challenges and come out as a winner in the end, whatever adverse circumstances in the way.
Her own dramatic story, which has proved to be a success, has given high school students a vivid picture of where the studies at IBS-Plekhanov could bring them in the future, if they try hard enough.
Viktoria Sogomonyan, CEO of PGV Group и Grillvett, an alumnus of IBS-Plekhanov, continues the special tradition of our Business school, when alumni come back to their Alma Mater after years of experience in business to share their experise and inspire the new generation of students.
Around 30 students from "Sokolniki" school took part in the event.

Sogomonyan_00001.jpg Sogomonyan_00002.jpg

On 21st March, 8 teams from 4 faculties of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics took part in the semi-final of the 9th Inter-University Case Contest.
The independent assessors were:
- Alena Rybakova, Employer Branding & Communication Manager at Metro Cash and Carry
- Anna Nikulushkina, HR BP and Employer Brand/Early Career Development manager at Unilever
- Yulia Bulgakova, Marketing Support Manager, Russia at Cambridge Assessment English
- Alena Zharikova, Consumer Launch Manager at Kaspersky Lab
- Natalya Verbitskaya, Trade Marketing Specialist at Mars
- Viktoria Vasiliadis, Leadership Experience Specialist at Mars
The panel of independent assessors has ranked these teams first and second:
1. Awesome Blossoms (Marina Ermakova, Ekaterina Matsneva, Olga Novikova, 3rd year students of the Faculty of Finance)
2. Goodwill (Ekaterina Zueva, Kirill Bukanov, Natalia Rusanova, 3rd and 2nd year students of the Faculty of Management)
These 2 teams will represent Plekhanov University in the Inter-University Final on 28 March.
Independent/external assessors gave all teams exceptionally valuable feedback, to enable them to improve and become more competitive in future contests and, even more importantly, in the job market.
Our special thanks to Case Contest managers, students of IBS-Plekhanov who coordinated the event:
Valeria Korzhueva, Natalia Simonyan, Irina Bey, and also to Nikita Bushanov, previous Case Contest coordinator who supported this year's event, too.

case_193_00001.jpg case_193_00002.jpg

case_193_00003.jpg case_193_00004.jpg

On 21st February, IBS Inter University Case Contest coordinators and Associate Professor A.S. Podchasov ran a training round at the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov State University.
All participants were introduced to the format and the most challenging aspects of case analysis and tried it out with a case equivalent to the palyoff rounds in its volume and level of difficulty.
1st and 2nd year students of the Faculty of Economics took part and provided their solutions to the case.

case19_00003.jpg case19_00004.jpg

On February 14, we had the first Case Contest training in 2019.

Around 20 students took part, making sure we all understand the structure and the challenges of HBS format of case analysis.

case19_00001.jpg case19_00002.jpg

On 22 January, Florentin Popescu, Ph. D., Arnhem Business School, started teaching Innovation Entrepreneurship Professional Workshop for Master Degree students of International Innovation Management Program of IBS-Plekhanov.
Dr. Popescu challenges students to observe, analyse, invent and create new knowledge together, in teams.
This course is the continuation of the reinforced Internationalisation at Home strategy of IBS-Plekhanov, with the support and inspiration from its partner universities worldwide.

popescu_00001.jpg popescu_00002.jpg popescu_00003.jpg

On 26 December 2018, for and on behalf of the graduation board of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, a Double Degree and Student Exchange partner university in Austria, IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office (represented by E.V. Stroganova and D.A. Epifanov) issued the Degree Certificate (Bachelor Diploma in Global Sales Management) to IBS-Plekhanov graduate Dmitry Romanov and congratulated him on the successful completion of the Double Degree programme.


On 13th December, Professor Dr. hc. Sander Schroevers from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, author of 89 books on cross-cultural communication and other soft skills, delivered a number of lectures for students of all programmes of IBS-Plekhanov.
Professor Sander Schroevers provided student with valuable and insights into a number of hidden cross-cultural differences and ways to deal with them, to be confident and successful in the challenging and highly dynamic international market.
Lectures included several exciting cross-cultural awareness experiments.

Schroevers_00001.jpg Schroevers_00002.jpg

On 12 December, Anne-Marie Michel, Director for International Relations and Communication at Universite Catholique de Lille, France, visited IBS-Plekhanov to discuss the prospects for broadening cooperation. 

IBS-Plekhanov has been cooperating with IESEG Business School, which is part of Universite Catholique de Lille Consortium, for many years, running Student Exchange and Double Degree programmes at both Bachelor and Master Degree levels.

Anne-Marie Michel met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor N.V. Ponomareva and her colleagues, who introduced her to the history and current status of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and its IBS-Plekhanov faculty.

The plans have been made by the Director for International Relations of Universite Catholique de Lille and by the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov to expand the scope of cooperation, to add exciting new student and staff exchange opportunities for students of all programmes of IBS-Plekhanov, including Linguistics, and for more faculties and programmes of Universite Catholique de Lille, including its Faculty of Economics, which has most of its courses taught in French.

This will augment the existing and highly successful cooperation with IESEG business school, a valued partner of IBS-Plekhanov.


On the 4th December 2018, Elena Delor, International Services Coordinator of IESEG, visited IBS-Plekhanov.
IESEG, on of the leading business schools in France, with campuses in Paris and Lille, has been an important Double Degree and Student Exchange partner of IBS-Plekhanov for a number of years, at both Bachelor and Master Degree levels.
Elena Delor had meetings with IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office staff, teachers and professors of IBS-Plekhanov.
The representative of our French partner business school also met current exchange students from IESEG at IBS-Plekhanov and students nominated for the Double Degree year at IESEG.
Getting to know each other more, putting students in contact with each other, sharing information and experience will definitely help continue and develop the successful cooperation between IESEG and IBS-Plekhanov.


On 29th November, Julia Serkina, an expert in event management with HR experience and a successful IBS-Plekhanov graduate, currently working in Canada, visited her alma mater and delivered a highly instructive Masterclass: How to get your dream Job in Business. Creating a competitive Resume.
The speaker provided plenty of practical material, providing hands-on tips on the dos and don'ts of creating a competitive resume, and more importantly, on establishing one's unique identity in the job market and getting ready for job interviews.
Julia Serkina specially emphasized the value of volunteer work experience for future career success.


On 28 November, Danny Perekalsky, a famous consultant, CEO who turned around a number of companies, including Ozon and Dixy, an inspirational speaker, shared his passion for excellence in customer care and business development with students of IBS-Plekhanov.
Danny explained how important it is to build a good relationship with clients and colleagues.  Making things simple and user friendly means both having a happy life and becoming successful in business.
It's all about relationship and a very strong sense of purpose. This is the motto of Danny's work, lectures and books.

perekalsky_00001.jpg perekalsky_00002.jpg

A successful IBS-Plekhanov graduate Julia Serkina, an expert in event management, delivers a guest lecture:
Date: 29 November 2018
Time: 15:40-17:10
Venue: Room 213 (3)
Subject: How to get your dream Job in Business. Creating a competitive Resume

More info

On 22 November, Professor Michael Spoerl delivered a lecture on International Taxation for Bachelor Degree students of IBS-Plekhanov.
The lecture provided a comparative outline of taxation systems in different countries.


On 21 November Professor Dr. Heinz Goehring delivered a lecture on IFRS, introducing IBS-Plekhanov Bachelor Degree students to the key concepts of IFRS in a broader context.


On 20 November 2018, Professor Michael Spoerl delivered a lecture on international taxation for Master Degree students of IBS-Plekhanov.
Dr. Michael Spoerl, Professor Taxation at Hof University of Applied Sciences, a Double Degree and Student Exchange partner of IBS-Plekhanov in Bavaria, Germany, provided our students with insights into the most controversial aspects of international taxation, including anti-avoidance and transfer pricing.
Both international exchange and national Master Degree students took part in the event.

spoerl_00001.jpg spoerl_00002.jpg

On 20 November, Professor Heinz Goehring delivered a lecture about IFRS.
Dr. Heinz Goehring, Professor Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting at Hof University of Applied Science, a Double Degree and Student Exchange partner of IBS-Plekhanov in Bavaria, Germany, provided our Master Degree students with insights into IFRS principles in the comparative context of national systems.
Both international exchange and national students of IBS-Plekhanov took part in this event.

ifrs_00001.jpg ifrs_00003.jpg ifrs_00004.jpg

On 12 November 2018, for and on behalf of the graduation board of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, a Double Degree and Student Exchange partner university in Austria, IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office (represented by E.V. Stroganova and D.A. Epifanov) issued the Degree Certificates (Bachelor Diplomas) to IBS-Plekhanov graduates
Mikhail Butuzov
Alina Ranneva
Julia Totskaya
Femelina Horemans
and congratulated them on the award of the Double Degree by Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences.


Internationalization at home: Intellectual Novemberfest at IBS-Plekhanov: extracurricular lectures by professors from a German partner university
Dear international and national students,
Following the highly successful Intellectual Octoberfest, with lectures by Dutch partner universities, we continue with lectures by
- Professor Dr. Heinz Göhring | Hochschule Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany | Professor Financial Accounting (German GAAP, IFRS and US-GAAP) and Managerial Accounting
- Professor Dr. Michael Spörl | Hochschule Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany | Professor Taxation, Certified German Tax Advisor
Tuesday 20th:
- IFRS lecture Master Degree level 18:55 to 20:25 by Professor Dr. Heinz Göhring - Room 323 (3)
- Introduction to anti-avoidance, BEPS and transfer pricing rules lecture Master Degree level 20:30 to 22:00 by Professor Dr. Michael Spörl - Room 201 (3)
Wednesday 21st:
- IFRS lecture Bachelor Degree level 15:40 - 17:10 by Professor Dr. Heinz Göhring - Room 202 (3)
Thursday 22nd:
- OECD MT- EU Directives Bachelor Degree lecture 15:40 to 17:10 by Professor Dr. Michael Spörl - Room 202 (3)

Please follow our announcements!

On 10 November, the Open Day took place at IBS-Plekhanov as part of Plekhanov University Open Day.

IBS-Plekhanov Open Day provided essential information about the rules and procedures for enrollment, but also highly instructive insights into the origins, unique educational offer and career prospects IBS-Plekhanov graduates enjoy.

As a special feature, the Open Day combined the presentations by IBS-Plekhanov teachers who shared the value, the inspiration and the practical value of their disciplines with talks and presentations by IBS-Plekhanov graduates of different tracks and graduation years.

Academic and career success stories by so many graduates added to the understanding of the aims and outcomes of IBS-Plekhanov programmes.

On 27 October 2018, Rob Warmenhoven and Chris Daniels, lecturers from Arnhem Business School (HAN University of Applied Sciences, a partner university of IBS-Plekhanov in the Netherlands), visited school 1282 Sokolniki with a series of cross-cultural differences and multicultural management workshops.
These workshops were part of Career Day Festival in school 1282 Sokolniki, an event presented by 8 universities and other educational organisations for 11 cohorts of 9th and 10th year school students, who will be making their final decisions on their university education and career choice in 2 years from now, or even sooner.
The multicultural management workshops by Rob Warmenhoven and Chris Daniels introduced 9th and 10th year school students to some of the most exciting and challenging aspects of work in the multicultural international business environment, and also to the content and the international atmosphere of university studies at IBS-Plekhanov and its Dutch partner Arnhem Business School.
The workshops were a great success and motivated school students to learn more, and Rob Warmenhoven and Chris Daniels, as well as their colleague D.A. Epifanov, who assisted them in running the event, were also impressed by the learner autonomy and learning and teaching standards at Sokolniki school.
All workshop participants received the book "111 facts about Plekhanov University" as presents, as well as more detailed information about the programmes of Plekhanov University and its IBS-Plekhanov faculty.
Sokolniki 1282 school management specially emphasised and commended the contribution of this workshop by ABS and IBS-Plekhanov to the personality development and conscious career choice opportunities for school students who are approaching a key decision point in their lives.
The cooperation between Sokolniki 1282 school and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics will continue with a number of events in the future.

arnem_00001.jpg arnem_00002.jpg

On 26 October, The Intellectual Oktoberfest series at IBS-Plekhanov continued with lectures by Rob Warmenhoven and Cris Daniels, from Arhhem Business School, HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. 
Our Dutch colleagues explained how crucially important it is to be aware of cross-cultural differences and to be ready for intercultural management.
This competence turns a potential threat of cross-cultural misunderstandings and conflicts into an opportunity to make one's company stronger, by using a combined, synergetic strength of truly multicultural teams.
The event was attended by international and national students of various programmes of IBS-Plekhanov, as well as by 11th year students of Sokolniki school 1282, a partner of Plekhanov University and its IBS-Plekhanov faculty.
The series continues with a visit of IBS-Plekhanov teachers to Sokolniki school 1282 on 27th October, within the framework of University education and career prospects fair at Sokolniki school. This will include multicultural awareness and management workshops for school students by Rob Warmenhoven and Chris Daniels.

daniels_00001.jpg daniels_00002.jpg

On 24 October 2018, IBS-Plekhanov students Alina Zelenina (Bachelor Degree programmes) and Marina Mustafina (Master Degree programmes) represented our Business School and University at ICN-ARTEM International Forum on 24 October.
This event held by our partner business school in Nancy, France, is aimed at introducing French students to all partner universities and business schools worldwide, showing the key attractions/benefits of each student exchange/Double Degree destination abroad.
Marina Mustafina and Alina Zelenina prepared an informative and inspirational presentation of our university and Business School at this important international student event, ensuring continued and increasing intererest in IBS-Plekhanov as a study abroad destination.

icn-artem_00001.jpg icn-artem_00002.jpg icn-artem_00003.jpg

The intellectual Oktoberfest at IBS-Plekhanov continues. On 22nd October, Dr. Diederich Bakker, Professor of International Business at HANZE University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, delivered lectures at both Bachelor and Master Degree level. 
Professor Bakker encouraged students to revisit the key concepts of Marketing, from fundamentals to new brands, and at a more advanced level, discussed the strategies for integrated brand management between manufacturers and retailers.
Both international and national students of various programmes of IBS-Plekhanov benefited from these lectures.

hanze_00001.jpg hanze_00002.jpg

At Eduniversal Dubrovnik on 17 October 2018, IBS-Plekhanov received a sign of recognition of its educational quality and its role in international business education: a ranking league upgrade from 3 palmes, "excellent business school with reinforcing i ternational influence", to 4 palmes, "top business school with significant international influence.


15 to 27 October: The Intellectual Oktoberfest at IBS-Plekhanov: everyone’s invited

2 weeks, 2 Dutch partner universities, 5 lectures, 4 great speakers, a range of exciting topics (all international and national students are welcome at any of these events, Masters and Bachelors, all profiles, no limitations).

  • Florentin Popesku, Ph.D., HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem Business School | Lecturer Finance, Management, Research Methodology:

Monday 15th Entrepreneurship trends in Europe. Masters. 266(6) 18:55-20:25
Wednesday 17th Applied Finance. Bachelors. 103 (3) 17:20 – 18:50

  • Professor Dr. Diederich Bakker, Hanze University of Applied Sciences International Business School, Groningen | Professor International Business, Member of the Hanze Knowledge Centre for Entrepreneurship

Monday 22nd Marketing: from fundamentals to new trends. Bachelors. 265 (6) 15:40 – 17:10
Monday 22nd Strategies for integrated brand management between manufacturers and retailers. Masters.266(6) 18:55-20:25

  • Rob Warmenhoven (lecturer Intercultural Management, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Export Management), and Chris Daniels (lecturer Management Accounting and Financial Accounting) HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem Business School:

Friday 26th Cross-cultural differences and intercultural management. Bachelors. 103(3). 15:40 – 17:10

On 03 October Maria Kolnikaj, Exchange Programmes Manager at ICN-ARTEM Business School (France), visited IBS-Plekhanov, met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov and Dean's Office staff, discussed the continuation and development of Student Exchange and Double Degree programmes.


On Wednesday 26th September 2018, Karen Shaginyan, an IBS-Plekhanov graduate, winner of a number of case contests, with EY and Metro Cash and Carrywork experience, met the new generation of IBS-Plekhanov students aspiring to succeed in their careers.
The training session was devoted to case analysis excellence and career success training. A Q & A followed, which was very instructive and rewarding for everyone who took part.

case_sh01.jpg case_sh02.jpg

Case analysis excellence and career success training, for IBS-Plekhanov 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
By Karen Shaginyan, IBS-Plekhanov graduate, winner of a number of case contests, work experience: EY and Metro Cash and Carry.
Do join us on Wednesday 26th September 2018, from 17:20 to 18:20, Plekhanov University. Room 265 (6).

On 20th September, the 9th IBS-Plekhanov InterUniversity Case Contest was launched with a Case Analysis training.
Undergraduate students of IBS-Plekhanov took part, as well as International Exchange students from our partner universities: Kedge Business School and Jean Moulin University, France. 
Our special thanks to O.A. Akimova, teacher of Lomonosov University Business School, who joined our event with her students, to our graduate Julia Serkina, who shared her experience in event management, job interviews and will continue with her lectures for our Case Club later this autumn, and to our Case Contest coordinators Valeria Korzhueva and Natalia Simonyan, 2nd year students of IBS-Plekhanov who will be running Case Contest 9.0 this year.
We also thank everyone who took part in the training. Please follow our announcements for future events.

case18_00001.jpg case18_00002.jpg


On 11 September, a representative of IBS-Plekhanov attended the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2019 at the University of Geneva.

The gap in expectations between students/graduates on the one hand, and employers on the other hand, was discussed. 
Apart from the rankings launch, analysis by regions and countries was presented by QS and discussed with universities. 
Resilience, adaptability and, specifically for the Russian market, employer expectations included the ability to analyse data.
Later on 11 September, the representative of IBS Plekhanov started a series of EAIE 2018 meetings with partner universities, which will continue until the end of EAIE week.
On 11 September, Vice Rector for Development of  our university Dr. D.A. Shtykhno met the representatives of French business schools:
Isabelle Beaujard, Area Manager of Groupe ESC Troyes en Champagne Business School, a Double Degree partner of IBS-Plekhanov, and of EDC Paris Business School, currently in the process of signing the partnership and student exchange agreement with IBS-Plekhanov faculty.
EDC Paris was represented by Cecile Chiaramonti, Director of International Relations Department, and Dr. Christophe Nachbaur, Head of International Business Specialisation.
On 12 September, Head of International Department continued the meetings with partners from Austria, Belgium and Germany, took part in the Internationalisation at Home session of EAIE conference. This week, 2 agreements for cooperation and exchange of students, signed at Plekhanov University, are given at EAIE conference to partners for signing: with University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, Belgium, and with Kufstein Tirol University of Applied Sciences, Austria
A number of other meetings are planned during EAIE week, which will expand student and staff mobility opportunities for both IBS-Plekhanov and its partners.

qs_00001.jpg qs_00002.jpg qs_00003.jpg

qs_00004.jpg qs_00005.jpg qs_00006.jpg

The 9th Inter University IBS-Plekhanov Case Contest (2019) has been launched.

The first training round (introduction to the Contest and training for new teams) for 1st and 2nd year students of IBS-Plekhanov will take place on Thursday 20 September 2018, at 15:40, in room 265 (6).
We are happy to see students/teams from other faculties of Plekhanov University and other Universities at this event, too. For students of universities other than Plekhanov: Please make sure you send an e-mail to not later than 11:00 on Monday 17 September and that you have your passport when you come with your full details (имя, фамилия, отчество) make a remark "guests of 20 September Case Contest training round" and mention the name of your university.

More about the contest at

On 7 September, IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office offered an orientation meeting for incoming Master Degree exchange students who have already arrived in Moscow.

Academic coordinators Maria Lavrova and Anna Koblova welcomed international exchange Master Degree students from partner universities and gave them all the information and guidance about their studies at IBS-Plekhanov.

master_exchange_00001.jpg master_exchange_00003.jpg master_exchange_00004.jpg

Our congratulations to 1st year students of IBS-Plekhanov for winning the Economic Game of our university on 1 September 2018, taking the 1st and the 3rd places! Well done!

On 03 September 2018, Professor Rainer Wehner, Double Degree Coordinator at Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, a partner University of IBS-Plekhanov in Germany, visited IBS-Plekhanov, met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda Ponomareva and her colleagues. Professor Rainer Wehner and his IBS-Plekhanov colleagues worked out an update/actualisation for the existing Double Degree partnership. The new Double Degree content will make the partnership even more attractive and useful for both Russian and German students.
Additionally, plans have been made for Professor Wehner's next visit to IBS-Plekhanov with lectures and workshops, very soon, within this academic year. Follow our announcements!

On 20 July 2018, the graduation ceremony for IBS-Plekhanov Master Degree programmes took place.

The grand Lenin auditorium was full with Master Degree graduates, their parents. The Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda V. Ponomareva, IBS-Plekhanov administration and teaching staff issued the Degree Certificates to 2018 graduates and wished them the accoplishment of the most important life and career goals.
The graduation of 2018 Masters was a special event, as this was the first graduation of masters enrolled to the bigger IBS-Plekhanov since IBS-Plekhanov and Global Economics became one faculty.
Another special feature was the graduation of 22 Double Degree students from China, together with the graduation of full-time Russian Master Degree students.
Our Master Degree programmes are becoming more popular, and all graduates find their 2 years with us a very instructive and rewarding experience.

graduation_mag01.jpg graduation_mag02.jpg graduation_mag03.jpg

On 12 July, IBS-Plekhanov graduation 2018 ceremony for Bachelor Degree programmes took place.

The large Plekhanov auditorium was full with graduates, their parents, and also current students of IBS-Plekhanov and their teachers, Dean's Office staff. Together with the Dean Professor Nadezhda V. Ponomareva, all teachers and administration wished the graduates every success in their careers after the 4 exciting years at IBS-Plekhanov.

graduation_bac01.jpg graduation_bac02.jpg graduation_bac03.jpg

In June 2018, following the meetings at EAIE 2017 and NIBS 2018 conferences, a Cooperation and Student Exchange Agreement has been signed with Solbridge Business School, The Republic of Korea (part of Woosong University).
SolBridge is the first business school in Korea with an international faculty and student body, with all courses are taught in English.  SolBridge is one of Korea's 15 universities that have been accredited by the AACSB. Another interesting fact is that SolBridge is the youngest business school in AACSB's history to receive this accreditation, receiving the accreditation just 7 years after establishment.
IBS-Plekhanov being the first programme in Russia's higher education taught entirely in English, with 2-way international student exchange and Double Degree mobility since 1992, the new partnership will be an asset for students of both business schools and universities.

On 22 June 2018, Cooperation and Student Exchange Agreement was signed with Kasetsart University (Thailand).

Kasetsart University, QS and THE rated, is the third oldest university in its country and enjoys a good reputation for teaching and research both nationally and internationally. This Agreement has been the result of IBS-Plekhanov participation in BELCO 2017 and EAIE 2017 international conferences. Our international partnerships network continues to grow, expanding the range of opportunities for students of IBS-Plekhanov and students of our valued international partners

On 31 May, IBS-Plekhanov representative continued the meetings with partner universities and prospective partner universities from Spain, Germany, France and Austria.

A new Cooperation and Student Exchange Agreement with us was signed by Mr. Frank Hoffmann, Director International Relations of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. This agreement creates new opportunities for Master Degree students.

A number of new agreements are expected to be signed this year, following NAFSA 2018 meetings. New plans have been made for lectures and workshops at IBS-Plekhanov by professors and lecturers from our partner universities.

From 28th May to 2nd June IBS-Plekhanov is taking part in NAFSA 2018.

This conference, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, gathers and unites higher education professionals from all over the worlds. Apart from highly instructive plenary meetings and workshops, it provides excellent opportunities for networking.
Head of International Department at IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office Dmitry Epifanov meets partner universities and business schools with whom IBS-Plekhanov has student exchange and Double Degree agreements, makes preparations and discusses specific steps for wider international exchange, Double Degree and, generally, cross-cultural experience opportunities for student of IBS-Plekhanov and its international partners.
More teaching visits by teachers and professors of partner universities will be planned and implemented soon.
Our representatives has already had meetings with partner universities from the Netherlands and France, and these will be followed by meetings with partners from the Republic of Korea, Austria, Germany. 
New contacts for student exchange and Double Degree are being established in a number of countries.

nafsa_00001.jpg nafsa_00002.jpg nafsa_00003.jpg

nafsa_00004.jpg nafsa_00005.jpg

On 24 May 2018, Edward Urunsake, Study Abroad Advisor (outbound) from Regent's University (London), a student exchange partner of IBS-Plekhanov, visited our University, met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda Ponomareva and her colleagues and students, visited the campus and some of the classed in progress.
Our partnership with Regent's University is going to continue and develop.


From 15 to 18 May a representative of IBS-Plekhanov took part in the 25th annual conference of the Network of International Business Schools, hosted by the Faculty of Business, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
The conference included presentations of new methods in business education, workshops and networking. IBS-Plekhanov will have several more partner universities and business schools following this conference.
At the NIBS Annual General Meeting on 18 May 2018, Dmitry Epifanov made a brief presentation of Plekhanov University and its IBS-Plekhanov faculty to the Members of the Board and to all participants of the event.
In his speech, he focused on how much IBS-Plekhanov, launched 25 year's ago as Russia's first higher education programme taught entirely in English, shares the NIBS features and values in terms of experience, motivation and continuity. He also thanked the NIBS community for the honour and pleasure of joining it and for the excellent opportunities provided by the network and the hosts of the 25th Annual conference.
The complete text of this speech is available here.

IMG_2977.JPG IMG_3017.JPG 

On the 5th of May, first year student teams presented presented and defended their Business plans.

This involved the Marketing, Financial part, as well as the presentation.Florian Popescu launched one of the 2 finals.

A team of 10th year high school students, from school 1282 Sokolniki, a partner school of IBS-Plekhanov took part in the Business Planning Game and defended their Business Plan, receiving praise from both the audience and our Dutch colleagues.

One team convinced our Dutch colleagues that their team was financially more sound, had better marketing part and was very well presented which brought them the 1st place in the final.

On 30 April, a team of lecturers from Arnhem Business School (HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands) led by Rob Warmenhoven started the Business Game week.
First year students started working on their business plans and second year students took part in the Business Management Game.
This is an exciting event, challenging, demanding and exceptionally useful for future studies and careers in business. Quoting Rob Warmenhoven's favourite image and metaphore: look at the pressure cooker. Great dishes come out, and faster than with other method. Business games put a lot of pressure on student teams, this may feel hard, but great learning outcomes follow.

While Rob Warmenhoven, together with his colleague Florian Popescu, starts the Business Planning Game for first year students,

Yvette Hartink, together with her colleagues Ian Luiten, Chris Daniels and Tijmen Weber, launches the Second Year Business Management Game.

On the second day of the Business Game, Rob explains a number of important points, including the Principle of Observational Leadership.

The Business Management Game involves a lot of calculations and analytical work. At the same time, win or lose, it is great fun. 

Chris Daniels informs the teams about their successes and failures, in a witty and thought-provoking manner.

Everyone in the Business Management Game worked hard. One team worked even harder, stayed more focused and won, receiving the certificates from Arnhem Business School for their excellence.

From 23 to 26th April, teachers from our partner university in the Netherlands, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) run the Business Administration Game for 2nd year students of Economics (Profile Finance and Credit).
Several years ago, Jelly Offereins, Director of International Affairs at HU Business School, came up with a fresh and exciting idea: to bring a group of Dutch students specifically for the Business Game week, every year. Thus, our existing strong links with partner universities, with over a hundred international students coming for a semester or two every year, were reinforced in a new way.
There are more student ambassadors of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences here at IBS-Plekhanov, and the Business Game week, with mixed teams of Russian and Dutch students, became an even more enriching experience for all participants. 
The Business Game is led by Gerrit-Jan Lanting, Roderick Udo and Holger Hooimejer, in a very professional and inspirational way. Our Dutch colleagues and their students find their work with IBS-Plekhanov students highly rewarding.

On 19 April 2018, Jorg Noldin, Erasmus - coordinator from our partner university in Germany, Hof University of Applied Sciences, visited IBS-Plekhanov.
The visit included meetings with the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda Ponomareva, Dean's Office staff and teachers, meetings with current exchange students from Hof at IBS-Plekhanov and students of IBS-Plekhanov nominated for the exchange semester and Double Degree year at Hof for 2018-2019.
Hof University of Applied Sciences and IBS-Plekhanov have recently expanded the scope of cooperation, by adding a Double Degree Agreement to the existing Cooperation and Student Exchange. Furthermore, the presence of Erasmus - support makes this destination particularly attractive for students.


From 09 to 11 April 2018, Jelly Offereins, Director International Affairs HU Business School, and Gerard van Leeuwen, Double Degree Programme Coordinator and Member exam board Institute of International Business Studies from HU, University of applied sciences Utrecht, visited IBS-Plekhanov.
This visit, aimed at relaunching the Double Degree programme between our universities, included meetings with the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov, Dean's Office staff, teachers and students, both current international students from HU at IBS-Plekhanov and IBS-Plekhanov students who have chosen HU as their DD Study abroad year destination for 2018-2019.


On 4th April, Associate Professor M.I. Ivleva (Department of History and Philosophy), IBS-Plekhanov Dean's office and first year students of IBS-Plekhanov held a conference devoted to the corporate culture of our university.

In teams, students presented their findings about various aspects of our university's life and the ways in which these reflect our corporate culture. The speakers compared Plekhanov University with other leading universities in Russia and all over globe and have demonstrated that our University shares numerous strengths with other top universities.
Teachers and students from our partner school 1282 took part in the event.
All participants found the experience instructive and rewarding.

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On 29 March Professor Andreas Zehetner taught a Master Degree Cross Cultural Research Workshop at IBS-Plekhanov.
Professor Zehetner encouraged the students to observe and analyse cultural differences, to be positive and ready for new challenges, and most of all enjoy every moment of communication and building new connections in a great variety of different cultures.

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Professor Andreas Zehetner, Vice President of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, came to IBS-Plekhanov with a teaching a research visit from 26 to 30 March 2018.
The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria,  is one of the top Austrian universities of applied sciences and offers an internationally recognised, well-established, practice-oriented education at university level at four locations in the central region of Upper Austria. It enables students to gain advanced knowledge and at the same time to become able to transfer this knowledge to practical application. For the seventh time in nine years it has been rated as best university of applied sciences in Austria by more than 600 executives at the Industrie magazin’s ranking of the universities of applied sciences.
During the IBS-Plekhanov visit days, Professor Zehetner met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda Ponomareva and her colleagues, Head of the Department of Marketing Professor Irina Skorobogatykh, visited the campus of Plekhanov university, its historical and modern buildings, talked with Russian colleagues about the history, traditions and corporate culture of Plekhanov University, the oldest Economics University in the country (since 1907), with the first higher education programme in Russia (IBS-Plekhanov) taught entirely in English, since 1992. Very strong links with the international and national business community, excellent graduate employability, the friendly atmosphere and many other strength areas make The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics perfect long-term partners.
Professor Zehetner has taught a number of lectures and experimental workshops, for both undergraduate and Master Degree students. These included a Negotiation Workshop in which students exercised their bargaining skills as buyers and sellers of technical goods. Students have discovered a lot about themselves in the roles of business buyers and sellers. Professor Zehetner and IBS-Plekhanov students have found the experience highly productive and very enjoyable.
The visit continues with Master Degree interactive lectures and workshops on Industrial and Cross Cultural B2B Marketing, more meetings with Russian colleagues and making plans for further development of student exchange, Double Degree, teaching and research cooperation.

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On 21 March 2018, the Final, Interuniversity round of the 8th Annual Case Contest was held. Teams from 4 major universities took part: Financial University, Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

The independent panel of assessors, which included Cambridge Assessment(Yulia Bulgakova, Marketing Manager), EY (Andrei Martianov, Advisory: Banking and Strategy) Macmillan (A.Y. Soluyanova, Regional Manager) and Unilever (Valentina Timofeeva, Employer Brand and Resourcing Manager) shortlisted these top 3 teams:

1. The Sharks, a 2nd year IBS-Plekhanov team (Serafim Zlatkin, Egor Semenov, Elizaveta Sklyanina)

2. A Foreign Trade University team: Nikita Karetnikov, Marianna Ryabova, Arina Vinokurova

3. A Foreign Trade University team: Alexandra Brysina, Daria Danyuk, Julia Khutorova

Our special thanks to Case Contest student coordinators Irina Bey, Natalia Kholmina, Margarita Avramova, Valeria Korzhueva, Natalia Simonyan.

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On 14 March 2018, Mr. Frank Hoffmann, Associate Dean and Director International Relations of HHL, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, visited IBS-Plekhanov to discuss future cooperation.
HHL, founded in 1898 (reestablished in 1992), enjoys an excellent reputation of quality postgraduate education. With the longest tradition of management education in its country, Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers a number of Master Degree, PhD and MBA programmes, all delivered in English. HHL has been ranked # 1 business school for entrepreneurship.
IBS-Plekhanov, as Russia's first higher education programme delivered fullu in English since 1992, with its experience and quality of international business education, is a very good match as a partner in Moscow for HHL's Master Degree programmes.
Mr. Frank Hoffmann met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor N.V. Ponomareva, Head of IBS-Plekhanov Master Degree programmes Associate Professor E.S. Novikova, Double Degree Academic coordinator Mrs. Maria Lavrova and Head of International Department IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office Mr. D.A. Epifanov.
HHL and IBS-Plekhanov representatives introduced each other to their business schools and programmes and agreed to start working on the student exchange agreement for Master Degree students.
Mr. Frank Hoffmann visited the campus of our university, talked to teachers and staff, and saw some classes in progress.


On 12th of March, Irina Bey, student manager of the 8th Inter-University Case Contest, and D.A. Epifanov, Head of International Department - IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office, visited the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University to provide training and select the team of the Faculty of Economics for the Case Contest final.

This event was supported by our colleagues from Foreign Languages Department of the Faculty of Economics: Associate Professor A.S. Podchasov and D.A. Shkirando, teacher of English. We would like to thank A.S. Podchasov and D.A. Shkirando and all their students who took part in the training and Case Contest quarterfinal for the amazing atmosphere, hard work and inspiration.

The competition was intense, but this team finally won and made it to the Inter-University Final:

Polina Kolmychkova,

Daniil Protasov

Alisa Kasparyan

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On 06 March 2018, the semifinal (Plekhanov University Round) brought together the best teams of the faculties of Finance, IBS-Plekhanov, Management and Marketing, competing to identify the best 2 to stand for Plekhanov University at the final, Inter-university round of the contest on 21 March.

The panel of independent assessors of this round included:

- Vladislav Tikhomirov, Head of Business Development and Strategic Insights division, Metro Cash & Carry

- Anna Nikulushkina, HR Business Partner, Unilever

- Yulia Bulgakova, Marketing Manager, Cambridge Assessment

- Ismail Yusupov, Performance Improvement Group Advisory, EY

The winning teams of the Semifinal are:

- Serafim Zlatkin, Egor Semenov, Elizaveta Zlatkina (IBS-Plekhanov, 2nd year), ranked first

- Julia Potapova, Alena Liseenkova, Alexander Strykanov (Faculty of Finance, 3rd year), ranked second.

Our special thanks to all organizations and companies who sent independent assessors to this round, to student managers of the 8th Inter-university Case Contest Irina Bey, Margarita Avramova and Natalia Kholmina, and to everyone who took part in the event and attended it.

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On 05th March, Professor Diederich Bakker (visiting from our partner university HANZE, The Netherlands) delivered a lecture on Branding and Digital Marketing Communications for students of IBS-Plekhanov.

This lecture continued the cycle Prof. Bakker started at IBS-Plekhanov on 22 December 2017, when he introduced our students to brabd building in China.

The second lecture, attended by students of all years of IBS-Plekhanov undergraduate programme, touched upon a number of challenging and controversial areas of Marketing. Professor Bakker invited the students to think, analyze the facts and come up with their own vision, to observe more and make sense of what they see in the rapidly changing business environment.

On the same day, Professor Bakker had a meeting with the editors of International Trade and Trade Policy scientific journal issued by Plekhanov University, and agreed to develop the cooperation with Plekhanov University in research and publications, too.

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From 14th to 16th February 2018, two enthusiastic colleagues from our Austrian partner university delivered a module of lectures and workshops on Consumer Driven Innovation, integrated in the Consumer Behaviour 2nd year Course, by special arrangement by the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor N.V. Ponomareva and Associate Professor B.L. Prosvirkin.
Dr. Magdalena Meusburger and Dr. Thomas Metzler, from Voralberg University of Applied Sciences, shared their business expertise, passion for innovative entrpreneurship and crosscultural experience with our students.
They exchanged ideas with IBS-Plekhanov Consumer Behaviour expert Associate Professor B.L. Prosvirkin and found the experience of interaction with IBS-Plekhanov students highly rewarding. IBS-Plekhanov students worked in teams, generated and presented their ideas for consumer driven innovation, too.
Dr. Meusburger, Dr. Metzler are always welcome here, and we look forward to developing our cooperation with Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

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The quarterfinal of the 8th Inter-University Case Contest (IBS-Plekhanov Round) took place on February 13.
The independent panel of assessors included representatives of 3 major international companies: Metro Cash & Carry (Karen Shaginyan and Amond Kabisov), Mars (Natalia Verbitskaya) and Kaspersky (Tatiana Chubchenkova).
These 2 teams from IBS-Plekhanov won and will continue in the semi-final (REU Round):
- Serafim Zlatkin, Egor Semenov, Elizaveta Sklyanina (2nd year)
- Elizaveta Larkova, Daria Lomakina (3rd year)
Our big thanks to the dedicated student managers of the Contest: Irina Bey and Natalia Kholmina, for making it all happen, and to M.V. Zarudnaya, Senior Lecturer of Foreign Languages Department #1 (Deputy Head of Department for Methodology), for training one of the winning teams, and to Ravil Mekhmandarly for training first year teams.
We are very grateful to our independent assessors for their time, efforts and excellent and professional assessment of the teams, as well as to Magdalena Meusburger and Thomas Metzler, our colleagues from Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, our partner university in Austria, for their attending the event and providing valuable feedback and advice.

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On 22 January 2018, Doctor Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean of Rennes Business School, visited IBS-Plekhanov faculty of our University.

Rennes Business School has been a student exchange and Double Degree partner of IBS-Plekhanov for many years; students of both parties find the experience highly useful and very rewarding.

Rennes Business School is the most international business school in Europe, with 91% of teachers coming from outside France. Rennes Business School enjoys an excellent reputation in the international business education community, being part of very limited and highly acclaimed group of just 77 business schools worldwide with triple accreditations, that is, having all 3 major international accreditations.

Doctor Froehlicher met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezda Ponomareva and her colleagues. They introduced our valued partner to the history and campus buildings of Plekhanov University of Economics and emphasized the competitive strengths of IBS-Plekhanov, as Russia’s first higher education programme operated fully in English since 1992, with the longest experience of international cooperation and 2-way student mobility, as well as very strong links with national and international business community. Furthermore, the 2 special areas of excellence confirmed by QS stars for our university were mentioned: teaching excellence and graduate employability.

The Deans agreed to continue and expand the cooperation between their business schools,  which, alongside with the continuation and intensification of the existing student exchange and Double Degree, will include other exciting international academic mobility options for students of both parties, such as winter schools and special modules for international students in the future.


Dr. Sergey Dmitrievich Bodrunov and Professor James Kenneth Galbraith, Honorary Doctors of Sciences of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (2017), are teaching a special module at IBS-Plekhanov faculty of our university.
bodrunov_00002.jpgThe module called The new industrial revolution and the problem of inequality consists of two blocks. The first one, taught on 13 and 14 November, consists of the lectures by Dr. Sergey Dmitrievich Bodrunov, in which he talks about the concept of the new industrial society and its background, and then explains the mechanisms of state regulation of reindustrialisation.
The second block, taught by Professor James Kenneth Galbraith on 16 and 17 November, deals with the phenomenon of inequality, its essence, methods of assessment and solution. The final lecture is devoted to the international experience of addressing the problem of inequality in the context of the new industrial revolution.
The module taught by 2 prominent economists with extensive background, a combination of national and international expertise, encourages analytical thinking and further research.
More about the lecturers:
Dr. Bodrunov received a mathematics/engineering degree in information technologies (1980, Gomel State University), then a PhD (Candidate of Sciences) degree in Economics (1991, Plekhanov Russian University, previously Academy, of Economics), folowed by a Doctor Sciences Degree (1995). Since 2003, a tenured professor at the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (Information Technology Management Department).
Dr. Bodrunov has extensive executive experience and has played an active part in the actual reindustrialisation of Russia's Economy: served on the councils and executive boards of professional industrial non-commercial unions and associations (National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers of Russia in 2003-08, St. Petersburg Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers in 2005-09, National Aircraft Instrument Makers’ Association of Russia in 1999-2012, just to name a few). Since 2004, he has been the First Vice-President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg (responsible for the development of scientifically substantiated concepts for the creation and development of industrial clusters at industrial facilities located in St. Petersburg). 
bodrunov_00005.jpgDr. Bodrunov is one of the founders of the non-governmental non-commercial partnership “Institute of New Industrial Development n.a. S.Y. Vitte” (originally the Center for the Research of the Economy of Aircraft Making Industry). Since its inception, he has served as the Director of the Institute. The Institute of New Industrial Development (INID) specializes in the study of issues related to the reindustrialization of the Russian economy, technological and economic mechanisms and instruments of modernization, foresight on medium- and long-term institutional, economic and technological effects.
Furthermore, Dr. Bodrunov is the President of the Free Economic Society of Russia (a public organization and successor to the Imperial Free Economic Society of Russia, which celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2015) and head of its St. Petersburg Division. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Economic Revival of Russia journal (published since 1915; publication renewed in 2004)
Professor James K. Galbraith holds the Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business Relations and a professorship of government at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin, the USA.
Professor Galbraith received his A.B. degree from Harvard University (1974), and the 3 following degrees ffrom Yale University: M.A. in 1977, M. Phil in 1978 and Ph.D. in 1981.
He studied as a Marshall scholar at King's College, Cambridge in 1974-1975 and then served in several positions on the staff of the U.S. Congress. Professor James K. Galbraith directed the LBJ School's Ph.D. program in public policy from 1995 to 1997. He directs the University of Texas Inequality Project, an informal research group based at the LBJ School.
Professor's Galbraith's most recent book is “Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis” (Oxford University Press, 2012). Previous books include “The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too” (Free Press, 2008), “Created Unequal: The Crisis in American Pay (Free Press, 1998) and “Balancing Acts: Technology, Finance and the American Future” (Basic Books, 1989).

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On 25th October 2017, IBS-Plekhanov and Kedge Business School (Double Degree) graduate with work experience in EY and Metro Cash & Carry Karen Shaginyan offered a case analysis and structured thinking workshop for first, second and third students of Plekhanov university.
As a student, Karen and his team were shortlisted in a number of rounds of IBS-Plekhanov Case Contest, after which he was offered an internship and later a job at EY. Thus, his experience was of great value for our students.
Karen explained the key requirements to case analysis, what first class employers, such as EY and Metro Cash & Carry, expect a young applicant to be able to do in a case interview, how we save time and select the relevant information, how we make hypotheses and generate sound and viable solutions. It was interesting to see how company executives actually read the information presented in slides - this is very different from the way a layman does. Thus, the workshop was not only about case analysis, but about project and career success as well.
Students of the faculties of Finance, Marketing, Management, and IBS-Plekhanov took part in this workshop and found the experience very instructive.
This event will be followed by Case Contest 8.0 training rounds in November -December, while the Contest itself will take place in February-March 2018. Please follow our announcements.

On 23 October 2017, IBS-Plekhanov signed a Cooperation Agreement and the Appendix for the Exchange of Students with Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences, Odense, Denmark. This is the first of the new Cooperation Agreements signed between BELCO Alliance members following BELCO Alliance meeting in Bordeaux (6th to 9th September 2017).
Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences is one of the founding members of BELCO Higher Education Alliance, together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), Cologne Business School (Germany) and BBA INSEEC (France). Both BBA INSEEC (host institution for BELCO Alliance 2017) and Cologne Business School are partners for Cooperation and Student Exchange with IBS-Plekhanov. Now that IBS-Plekhanov signed an Agreement with Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences, we are partners with 3 out of 4 founding members of BELCO, and we are currently preparing to sign a cooperation agreement with Fontys University of Applied Sciences, as well as with a number of other members of BELCO.
BELCO is an an interactive network between European and non-European higher education institutions with a strong international focus, aimed at expanding international opportunities for students, teachers and staff of its members, and IBS-Plekhanov is planning to take an increasingly active part in it.

A representative of IBS-Plekhanov is taking part in the meeting of BELCO Alliance 2017, held in Bordeaux, France, from 06 to 09 September 2017.
Belco Higher Education Alliance, initially founded by Fontys University of Applies Sciences (The Netherlands), Lillebaelt Academy University of Appied Sciences (Denmark), Cologne Business School (Germany) and BBA INSEEC (France) is a dynamically developing interactive network between European and non-European higher education institutions with a high international focus.
Belco has a number of aims: greater international mobility for students and faculty members, better opportunities for research and business projects, wider horizons for everyone involved. The goals range from linking up all members with cooperation and student exchange agreements to ambitious projects such as Triple Degree, and many more in the future.
Belco Alliance meeting 2017 is attended by representatives of 12 universities and business schools from 12 countries: Canada, Thailand, New Zealand, Finland, Peru, The USA, Russian Federation, Greece, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France.
It is hosted by one of its founding members, BBA INSEEC in Bordeaux.
The meeting comprises a number of workshops to share ideas, draft and specific cooperation plans for the future.
For IBS-Plekhanov, represented by D.A. Epifanov, the practical outcomes include strengthening and intensifying cooperation with partner universities among Belco members (BBA INSEEC, Cologne Business School), and signing Cooperation and Student Exchange Agreements with a number of other member universities and business schools, thus increasing the number of international mobility options for its students.
The results of this conference for IBS-Plekhanov will also mean more guest lectures and workshops taught by partner universities in Moscow, and, added to our existing strength which is the Double Degree offer by a number of partner universities, a Triple Degree option, which will become available once Belco completes quality assurance and areas of expertise preparatory work by its members.

On 5 September, The Vice Rector for Teaching and Study of HTW Univercity of Applied Sciences, a long-term Double Degree and Student Exchange partner of IBS-Plekhanov faculty and Plekhanov University, visited our University.
Dr. Ralf Sonntag had a productive meeting with the Vice Rector for Development of Plekhanov University Dr. D.A. Shtykhno, Head of Plekhanov University International Office Professor L.A. Bragin, the Dean of the Faculty of Marketing E.A. Okunkova and the representatives of IBS-Plekhanov faculty: Head of International Department at IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office D.A. Epifanov and Academic coordinator for incoming Double Degree students Maria Lavrova.
This was an important meeting for both sides. Apart from a mutual desire to continue and develop the Double Degree programme at both Bachelor and Master Degree levels, Dr. Ralf Sonntag and his Russian colleagues, including those in charge of international cooperation at IBS-Plekhanov, touched upon a highly promising area of international cooperation, the Triple Degree, which will enable students to learn more, gain extensive cross-cultural experience, and receive Degrees of all 3 partner universities upon graduation.
This long-term objective, a Triple Degree option, will significantlty enhance career prospects of our graduates.
A visit by IBS-Plekhanov administration to HTW Dresden will be planned later in the academic year.
For IBS-Plekhanov faculty, Triple Degree plans are part of the development strategy and will be discussed at future meetings with partner universities, including the BELCO Alliance meeting.
meeting-with-ralph-zontag7.JPG meeting-with-ralph-zontag3.JPG meeting-with-ralph-zontag6.JPG