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Bachelor students

Dear international exchange and Double Degree students of spring semester 2020, both those who have made the decision to leave/have already left for home country, and those who remain on our campus.

Just a reminder that our University has temporarily switched to the remote/online delivery of all courses, following our regular schedule for on site courses, same timings, but delivered remotely.

Since the switch to remote delivery courses is effected in a force majeure situation and had to be effected at a very short notice measure, there may be certain technical delays during the first days of the transition. Please be patient.  Should any difficulties occur, these will be resolved within the next few days.

All instructions from all teachers are sent to the shared e-mail of exchange students, at exchangespring20 (the gmail address).

Should you experience any breakdown in communication with teachers, please inform your academic coordinator by e-mail. While there may be a delay of 24 to 72 hours in our replies, we will make every effort to assist you as soon as we can.

Welcome to IBS-Plekhanov!

We hope your stay and studies here will be a useful and enjoyable experience.

Just a few points to remember:

Academic Calendar for autumn 2019 (undergraduate programmes of IBS-Plekhanov):

  • The first day of autumn semester is 02 September 2019. Last day of autumn semester classes (and end-of-the-semester tests) is 31 December 2019.
  • Please note Christmas dates in Russia are different from the EU, all December is usual weekdays up to 31st December.
  • Russian New Year and Christmas holidays: from 01 January 2020 to 8th January 2020
  • Autumn semester examinations are from 09 January 2020 to 27 January 2020.
  • Thus the Autumn Semester lasts from 01 September 2019 to 27 January 2020

1. Plekhanov University International Office (room 649 in building 3) and IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office (room 159 in building 1) - two different contact points with different responsibilities.

As our international exchange students, you deal with the University (visa, registration, dormitory, confirmation of stay - all this in the University International Office) and with the Business School (academic registration form with your choice of courses, Learning Agreement for your home university, schedule of classes, midterm and end of the term tests and exams schedule, gradelists, certificates- that is, all content of your studies) Please make sure you contact the right place and always hand in your papers to the right department!

2. Contacts at IBS-Plekhanov

Our office is building 1, office 159. The schedule of classes is on the information boards on the ground floor of building one. You can also find it on:

Important! None of us is permanently seated in the office, there are specific hours on specific days when you can come to meet us. The hours (changed and updated weekly) are on the 'contact hours' web page. Please confirm the day and time of the meeting by e-mail at least one day in advance.

We also recommend describing your question or problem in this e-mail.

Our e-mail is:

The important information will also appear at your shared e-mail address, please, do not forget to check it constantly

Please make sure you get the e-mails of all teachers and professors of all courses you have signed up for once you attend the first classes. Many of our teaching staff may come to the Dean's Office only several times a semester (to report for midterm, final tests etc), they may have a busy schedule with different room numbers for every day or week, most teachers in our country do not have own offices or fixed office hours. For this reason, it is more efficient to have contact details for emergency cases. Attendance is obligatory at our university, so all teachers will expect you to be present at all classes and ask all questions in class. Only an illness with a document from a doctor is a good reason to be absent.

Several lecturers may not be available by e-mail even in emergency. Your solution is to be in touch with your 'IBS buddy' from our national students, this person will assist you in such cases. Also, being in touch with other students who attend the same course will be helpful.

3. How do you choose your courses and shape your individual schedule?

You are guided by the requirements of your home university, availability and schedule of suitable courses in this semester. You will have 3 main parts of your studies here

- Doing Business in Russia module, which is obligatory for all international students.

- Courses chosen from IBS-Plekhanov regular schedule for national students (any year of studies, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (irrelevant for the first semester exchange students), and any of the 2 'profiles', marketing or finance, within each year). You may see the list of the available courses with corresponding ECTS points at your students guide (pages 27-34). Please make sure that you choose your courses from the right semester (fall or spring).

- Russian Language classes (if you need them)

You will build your individual schedule with these priorities and steps in mind:

A. Doing Business in Russia classes are at fixed hours for all international students.  Absolute priority and your first step. The classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 15.40 until 18.50. All the details will be announced at the first meeting and sent to your shared e-mail address.

B. Courses chosen from IBS-Plekhanov regular schedule for national students.

This is your second step. Lectures in the courses you need (either 2 or all 4 groups of a year of studies that has the course attend it together). Fit these in your schedule. Then choose seminars in the courses you need. In different groups of the same year (and profile) the seminars may be at different times or even on different days. This gives you some more flexibility to avoid overlaps between different courses which you need. Just make sure that once you have chosen a group with which to attend a particular course, you consistently attend all seminars of the course during the semester with this group- otherwise your participation, which counts towards the final mark, may be decreased.

C. Russian Language.

Third step. Russian Language is offered by Russian Language Department (part of our University, but not part of IBS-Plekhanov) Russian Language Department (building 6, room 710) runs the placement tests, divides you into groups by levels and times in the schedule. The hours here are more flexible. Please make sure that you only fix the times of your Russian classes once A and B (see above) have been taken care of.

The schedule of Russian classes will not appear in IBS-Plekhanov schedules, website or on information boards. All this is handled by the Department of Russian directly, we only receive your marks from your teachers of Russian, and the number of hours per week taken (this affects the ECTS value) at the end of the semester, in your gradelists.

You will have 2 weeks to choose your courses and send your academic registration form to us, at

in Microsoft Office Word format from your personal e-mail address.


The form in Word format, which has to be filled out, will be sent to your shared e-mail address you can also find it on the link "Registration form".

4. How are the credits for the courses you take counted?

The credits for all the courses are indicated in your Student Guide. Please make sure- recheck with the teacher if in doubt- if what you are attending is a complete full-standing course with its own credits, and not just a component of a larger course.

5. Can you take your final tests and exams ahead of schedule and leave earlier, before the semester finishes?

No. Not allowed. Even if a student attempts to arrange the early sitting of an exam or test with a teacher directly, permission will not be given (the promise by the teacher made void) marks will not be validated by the Dean's Office and will not appear in your Certificate. The only exception is if the Dean/ Head of International of your home university sends an official e-mail to the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov before the semester starts, giving a clear academic reason why an individual early sitting of an exam for the student must be arranged by IBS-Plekhanov and receives a positive answer from IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office (a 'yes' from a teacher is not enough). Please note that for international students who study with us one semester, only one chance to sit the final test or exam is available (date announced at the end of semester by the Dean's Office). All resits are scheduled after the examinations period that effectively means in the beginning of the on-going semester when you already leave the country. Prepare well for your first attempt to take an exam or test!

6. How do you complain if you are not happy with a course, any other situation here at IBS-Plekhanov?

Please make sure you put it in an e-mail putting in copy: Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda V. Ponomareva, Head of International Department at IBS-Plekhanov Dean's Office Mr. Dmitry Epifanov, and your academic coordinators (all contacts in your Student Guide)

We will be happy to help you and investigate your case. Please note, however, that we will not be able to act on your request if it is sent to us later than 2 days after the event which you complain about. Not writing to us on time means accepting the situation.