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Visa requirements

We would like to announce our requirements to the visa procedures, as it is obligatory for our international university rating:


Applying for a visa: in order to come to our conference we would ask participants to apply for a work visa in their country.

In order to be able to overcome any unforeseen circumstances while applying for a Russian work visa, please, start the process 6 months before. If there can be any mistakes in your names spellings made by Federal Migration Service, we make another invitation and you can come on time.


We will send our official university invitation in a soft (electronic form) in September 2019 and you will have two months to apply for a visa.


Please, indicate the dates in your Work Visa Application as precisely as they are indicated in your Visa Invitation from our university.

If the form for visa application asks for 'TIN organization', our university TIN is 7705043493.

If the form asks for personal TIN please fill xxx/leave empty. You don’t need a personal TIN in Russia.

We recommend NOT to buy any air tickets prior receiving a work Russian visa.


We will send our official university invitation in a soft (electronic form) in September 2019 and you will have two months to apply for a visa. 

Surname, name, patronymic in the invitation won’t be reflected. After receiving please check the correctness of the data in the invitation with your passport data.

To apply for a visa, the invited person must apply to the appropriate consular office of the Russian Federation abroad by providing a short printed form of the invitation attached in the email and the corresponding package of documents.

We remind you that if you stay on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 7 working days, you need to come to the Visa support and organizational department (building 3, floor 6, room 649) within 3 days for registration arrangements.

Also we ask you to send a scan of Russian visa received ASAP.

Important link:

Visa center


  • Visit visa center website following the link shown above, choose the country of your residence, and then select country you are going to - Russia.  


 In the menu of website please choose 'Visa types' and then 'Work visa'

There is available information regarding work visa about:

  • Overview

  • Visa Fees

  • Documents Required

  • Photo Specifications

  • Processing Time

  • Download Forms


Also information regarding work visa available on the website of your country consulate.  


Confirmation by email

We are kindly asking all the participants to confirm by email that you are going to apply for a work visa so we can send you an invitation after the September 20th, 2019. Please, in case of your positive decision fill in the attached form (additional information) and email it back to us with a copy of your passport so we could start with preparing a visa invitation.  


Using our University's invitation

We would very appreciate it if a participant applies for his/her Russian visa officially, using our University's invitation (avoiding the help of travel companies)!  Otherwise, (coming with tourist visa) according to the Russian legislation, we, as a University, would not be allowed to accommodate visiting professors at our Campus and at our expense, and visiting professors then are not allowed to hold lectures.  


HIV  Test requirement

In addition, we ask nicely participants to be aware that before applying for a work visa you should make HIV Test (AIDS), it is obligatory. Otherwise, you cannot apply for a work visa according to the requirement:

"When  applying  for  work  visa  you  must  additionally  submit  HIV  Test  (AIDS) Certificate taken within the last three months. The Certificate should still be valid for 15-30 days on the day of your application."