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Publication Requirements

We kindly ask you to read them in detail:

  1. The language of the article is English.

  2. A maximum number of the authors is 3.

  3. Originality of the article: 85% minimum.

  4. Article size: 7-9 pages.

  5. The article text parameters: Font Times New Roman, 12 pt. The line spacing is single. Alignment is in width. Paragraph indention is 1 cm. Fields: top, bottom, left and right are 2 cm. Title: Title of the article is font Times New Roman, 16 pt., bold, centered.

  6. Parameters of writing author's name: font Times New Roman, 12 pt. italics, right alignment, indicating the place of work (or study) and e-mail (see sample design). Surname, first name and patronymic are bold.

  7. Abstract size – 350-450 symbols (in English and in Russian).

  8. Key words – 5-7 words (in English and in Russian).

  9. Footnotes are at the bottom of the page. 15-20 reference sources at the end of the article.

  10. Draw figures, diagrams and formulas in the text so that they can be edited. Color drawings and diagrams are not accepted. The text allows drawings, diagrams, tables no more than one.

Please, email your articles on: 


Sample of article collection 2018