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Leading professors

Natalia Zakharova - MBA and higher education lecturer, finance and banking expert with a vast practical experience on management positions in Russian and international banks.

Natalia Zakharova has extensive experience in structuring complex deals in financing, restructuring, working capital management, cash management, project finance, trade finance etc.

Teaching courses: Banking and finance, Credit and credit systems, Project finance, Cash flow management, Corporate finance , Retail banking etc.

Natalia Zakharova has PhD degree in international economics of Russian Academy of Science and EMBA degree of Judge Business School in Cambridge.


Victoria I. Pyatanova - Head of Financial Management Department (Chair), an experienced practitioner who has worked more than 10 years on top management positions in the FMCG sector and over 10 years - in banking and finance spheres. Victoria has more than 20 years of academic and teaching experience. 

Fields of scientific interest: competitiveness of the firm, strategic financial management

Teaching courses: Corporate Finance (Advanced level, standard ACCA), Financial Management (Advanced level, standard ACCA), Strategy and Competitiveness of the Company, International Financial Management

International academic mobility:

2014 – Cambridge Judge Business School (The UK)

2015 – University of Cambridge (The UK), L'Université de Nice Sophia - Antipolis (France)

2016 – Cambridge Judge Business School (The UK)

2017 – Crakow University of Economics (Poland), National University of Public Service (Hungary),  Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), University of Perugia (Italy)

2018 - Brunel Business School (The UK)

Victoria Pyatanova has PhD in Finance, MBA (University of Cambridge), Honorary Research Fellowship of Brunel Business School in London

Contact information: email:, +7 499 237 83 52 (Financial Management Department)


Elena Dimova - Recognized expert in financial markets, international banking, private banking & asset management both as an industry practitioner and as an accomplished academic.

Areas of academic interest:

  • Wealth Management & Private Banking, Mutual Fund Industry, and Private Investors' Asset Allocation Strategies

  • Customer retention strategies – Customer relationship management - Measures of customer loyalty and engagement - Customer-centric culture and motivation schemes - Customer experience as a core differentiating factor

Teaching and academic experience (teaching courses, programmes, universities)

  • Delivering lectures and practical seminars:  "Corporate Finance", "Company valuation", "Research Methods" (MBA, MSs, bachelor students). Language of tuition – English, Russian. Graduate research supervision.  - Higher School of Economics.

  • "Corporate Finance", "Portfolio Management", "Alternative investments", "Financial Management", language of tuition - English. - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

  •  "Economics of the Firm", "Investments and risk management", "International Banking and Bank Management", "Research Methods", "Portfolio Management" (graduate and undergraduate levels), language of tuition - English. – Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation.

    Participating in the educational programs for

  • Sberbank Corporate University,

  • Central Bank of Russian Federation,

  • Skolkovo,

  • Gazprom,

  • Nazarbaev university, Kazakhstan, others. 

    Elena Dimova has PhD degree in Economics, MBA (University of Warwick, United Kingdom)

Contact information: email: Mobile: +7 916 224 07 48, LinkedIn:


Dmitry V. Berzin - Associate Professor at the Department of Data Analysis of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,  Associate Professor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (part-time), Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics (part-time)

Fields of scientific interest: Mathematical methods in Economics, Differential Geometry, Geometric modeling

Teaching courses: Mathematical Support of Financial Solutions, Financial Calculations, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (in English)

Dmitry Berzin has PhD degree in Mathematics

Contact information: email:, Mobile: +7 915 022 56 09


Robin Joyce - Visiting Professor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,     Visiting Professor at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Visiting Professor of the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking, Member of the Advisory Board of Journal of Management and Training for

Industries (Japan)  and Member of the National Guild of Professional Consultants (Russia).

Fields of academic interest: Financial Management, Accounting, IFRS, Consultancy

Teaching courses:

Contact information: email:


Yulia Y. Finogenova -  Professor at the Department of Finance and Prices of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Field of academic interest: Finance, Financial Risk Management, Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Pension Insurance

Teaching courses: Insurance, Finance, International Insurance, International Risk Management, Financial risk management.


  1. Yulia Y. Finogenova, Denis V. Domaschenko and Оlga V. Boyko. When financial stability prevails over the oil market state. Proceedings of the 29th International Business Information Management Association Conference, Sustainable economic growth, education excellence and innovation management through vision 2020, IBIMA, May 2017 p.3542

  2. Yulia Y. Finogenova, Denis V. Domaschenko, Edward E. Nikulin, Victor A. Krylov. Forecasting monetary system indicators in the transition to a floating exchange rate through a comprehensive econometric model. Proceedings of international day of science 2017. Economics, management, innovation. Moravian University College Olomouc, April 2017 p.39

  3. Galina N. Selyanskaya, Yulia Y. Finogenova, Оlga V. Boyko. Human capital as a factor of economy's competitiveness of world economies. Proceedings of international day of science 2017. Economics, management, innovation. Moravian University College Olomouc, April 2017 p.206

  4. M. Ermilova, Y. Finogenova. The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors and Economic Cycles on the Cost of Housing // International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, volume 38, 2017 p. 68-77

  5. Yulia, Y. Finogenova. Neural Network Modelling for a Short-Term Forecast of Key Macroeconomic Indicators in Russia. Economics, management, innovation. – 2017. – Volume 9, Issue 2, 2/201. – С. 34-48. 2017

  6. Kozlov, P. A., Finogenova Y.Y. , Khomonich I.P. On equilibrium of the financial flows within the system of compulsory pension insurance in the Russian Federation. Journal of Applied Economic Sciences. – 2017. – Volume XII, Issue 6 (52). – С. 1615-1626.

  7. Galina Selyanskaya, Yulia Finogenova, and Wadim Strielkowski. Factor Analysis of Economic Leadership: peculiarities of Countries and Regions Around the World. Leadership for the Future Sustainable Development of Business and Education //Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, 2018

Yulia Finogenova has a Doctor degree of economics and academic rank "(Full) Professor"

Contact information: 8 903 614 29 82,

Alexander Myasnikov - Associate Professor at the Department of Political Economy and History of Economic science of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Fields of scientific interest: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Monetary Policy, Nonlinear Methods in Economics, Financial Institutions

Teaching and academic experience: Courses in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (principles and intermediate), Advanced Microeconomic Theory, Advanced Macroeconomic Theory, Regional Economics, Financial Management, a refresher course in mathematics for students of economics (all courses taught at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics)

Guest lectures at Saratov State University and Saratov branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on Monetary Policy, Risk and Uncertainty in Economics, the Role of Mathematics in Modern Economics

Major publications:

Myasnikov A. 2011. "Complex dynamics in modern economics" (a monograph in Russian)

Myasnikov A. 2016. "Total factor productivity of Russian regions in 2000 – 2014" (in Russian). Economics and entrepreneurship 12-4: 657–664

Myasnikov A. 2018. "Determinants of total factor productivity of Russian regions" (in Russian, undergoing peer review)

Myasnikov A. 2018. "Maximum likelihood and generalized least squares estimation of spatial lag models with endogenous spatial coefficients: a Monte Carlo simulation" (undergoing peer review)

Contact information: email: