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Student Business Week in Wroclaw



 «Innovative Solutions in Project Management»


International Business Week 2019 dedicated to "Innovative Solutions in Project Management" is an inspiring, practical and exciting event with professional experience in an international environment and "real-life" business cases. It takes place in WSB University in Wrocław, Poland. In April participants work on a case study with their project team and on their own, talk with international guest speakers, and participate in a site visit to the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. While preparing to the final presentation participants have a chance to apply their newly acquired set of skills and, above all, spend an amazing time together, find out something new about different cultures and build new friendships.


WSB University in Wrocław is a higher education institution founded in 1998. Together with 8 other Banking Schools they create the biggest business schools group in Poland. Already at WSB University in Wrocław study almost 17 000 students. The main characteristics of their brand are friendliness and practical approach. It means that studies are pleasure on one hand and give students competitive market position on the other. According to that, they offer huge number of International activities: International Business Weeks, Erasmus+, Summer Schools, Youth in Action, etc. Furthermore, students have a chance to study in English and have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Master Degree in International Management. Thanks to this, Erasmus students study together with Polish ones widening their cultural and educational horizons.


Using the Project Management and Leadership principles, Business Week participants know how:

  • to build fundamental skills and talents that project managers need to sharpen in order to be effective

  • to get a deeper understanding of the project life cycle: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing

  • to grow your own emotional management in projects and lead teams

  • to create and sustain long term relationships in team based on trust

  • to understand practical application of Design Thinking process in Prince 2 methodology

  • to practice your international communication skills and individual working style

  • innovative solutions are taking project management to the next level

Business Week participants are offered the following:

• skilled facilitation: two highly engaged and supportive trainers who are experienced PM and DT practitioners
• site visit to the Wrocław University of Technology Campus and EMC Lab (Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber)
• highly experimental and practical sessions during which you will learn more directly and powerfully from your international peers' experiences
• we are not going to learn how to think outside of the box, we are going to learn that there is no box.

International Coach Federation - participant of the Associate Certified Coach Program, a Business Trainer, a Project Manager, FRIS Certified Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant. Daria works and studies in a multilingual environment. Her professional experience comprises ten years of diverse human resources work, including in world's top high-tech multi-national corporations, research and development center.

       Daria Lewandowska

Vice Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information. Head of the Visualization and Virtual Prototyping and Interdisciplinarity and Creative Designing Labs, the doctor of technical sciences in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has written about 120 scientific and research works. He is a laureate of programme «Innovation Brokers». He is a laureate of a prestigious scholarship program "Top 500 Innovators", Stanford University. Member of the Board and a representative of the University in the platform at the European Parliament.

       Damian Derlukiewicz

International Coordination Center:


Klaudia Klimczak – Team Leader in the Centre for International Cooperation, mainly responsible for international events, working on TEDx evets, as well as for the language-adaptation courses and workshops for the foreign students.


Jarosław Tomaszewski – Head of the Centre for International Cooperation coordinating the two offices- International Relations Office and International Students Office.

Involved in international projects, the main strategy and vision of internationalization, working on internationalization at home since 15 years.


Agnieszka Lesiak – International Coordinator, dealing with incoming Erasmus students, taking care of their stay in Wrocław, leading buddy program and Erasmus+ internships abroad for the polish students.


Khrystyna Martsyniuk – International Coordinator, involved in Erasmus+ studies abroad, responsible for recruitment and sending students for the international Universities, organizing  language-adaptation courses and dealing with the formalities and recruitment for the foreigners.

Russian Design Thinking Team

PRUE, Faculty of Finance:

Inga Koryagina, Vice-Dean, Head of International Division

Valeriya Dmitrieva, first year Bachelor student, Corporate Finance in English

Alena Sosunova, first year Bachelor student, Corporate Finance in English

From 8 to 12 April, 2019 Inga Koryagina, the Head of International Division, Faculty of Finance, Alena Sosunova and Valeria Dmitrieva, first-year students of the Faculty of Finance took part in the Business Week 2019, organized by Jarosław Tomaszewski, the Head of International Department of Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, and his team: Klaudia Klimczak, Agnieszka Lesiak and Khrystyna Martsyniuk.

The Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu was founded in 1998 and now it is a part of an Association of 8 Banking Schools, which currently represents the largest Educational Association in Poland, where is studying with 17,000 students in different languages.

The International Business Week was attended by students and teachers from 9 countries: Belgium, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.

Specially for this event, an initiative creative group of the 1st year Bachelor Students from the Faculty of Finance: Alena Sosunova, Alexander Kurin, Alexander Shohin, Dmitry Tishin, Valeria Dmitrieva in the framework of students project management activities on the Faculty of Finance filmed a video-tour of Plekhanov University on behalf of robot:


On Monday, the organizers arranged a Wroclaw City Game, the friendly competition the essence of which is to look for sights and interesting places and take creative pictures in front of them. It helped us to know city and each other better.


On Tuesday students had an opportunity to share the part of their culture with each other during the lunch which is called «Specialties of National Cuisine» by trying dishes all over the Europe from Belgian waffle and chocolates to Ukrainian lard, from Latvian sprats to Danish snacks, from Russian caviar to Polish dumplings, from Germany sausages to Finish meatballs with lingonberry sauce.


During the Business Week participants listened to lectures and participated in workshops related to Innovative Solutions and Design Thinking in Project Management, conducted by Daria Lewandowska, Associate Certified Business Trainer, a Project Manager in world's top high-tech multi-national corporations and Damian Derlukiewicz, Deputy Vice Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information, Head of the Visualization and Virtual Prototyping and Creative Designing Labs.

During studying, students gained knowledge in the field of Design Thinking and learned how to conduct researches of potential consumers in practice, analyze obtained data, identify problem issues for users and create a prototype of the finished product. They also visited the Consumer Preferences Research Laboratory based on eye movement and a Commercial Laboratory for conducting experiments for companies in the Wroclaw Polytechnic University.




On Thursday the participants and teachers had Gala Dinner with special guest — Joanna Nogiec, the Director of Student Exchange Department, she made a gratitude solemn speech. During that evening students shared their impressions and ideas for the project.

On the final day, 6 teams presented their innovative projects and self-made prototypes of ticket vending machines for local citizens and tourists and received high appreciation and recognition from the jury: Jarosław Tomaszewski, Head of International Department, Damian Derlukiewicz, Head of the Laboratory of Creative Design and Mariusz Gasek, President of "Solid Solutions", representative of the City Municipality of Wroclaw.



Marek Natalli, Vice Rector of the Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, addressed the participants of the International Business Week with a solemn speech.


All participants were awarded with certificates and memorable presents.



On Friday, International Department of Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa with the help of Polish students organized an excursion to the Hydropolis — Water Science Center. This place is very interesting for both adults and children and tell about the force, the magic, the properties of water by means of interactive games, informative screens, realistic models and acting devices which works by the help of water.

During the Business Week Inga Koryagina conducted a lecture for the International Entrepreneurship Master Degree students of the Higher Banking School on the topic "How to be an Ambassador of My Own Business".

During the week Inga Koryagina met with Joanna Nogiec, the Director of the Student Exchange Department, discussed organizing student exchanges at the Finance Faculties of both Universities, and conducted the lecture for Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu MBA students.


Also Inga Koryagina met with Tomasz Rolczynski, Head of the Finance and Accounting Department, and Tomasz Kopyscianski, Dean of the Faculty of Financial Management, agreed on further Scientific Cooperation and presented the journal with their scientific publications published by the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics under the guidance of Olga Shemetkova, the Dean of Finance Faculty.


During the Business Week, Inga Koryagina was invited by Professor Stefan Forlics, Rector of the Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, and personally thanked for their Cooperation and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Universities.