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International Teaching Week

VIth Online International Teaching Week 2022


Dates: November 21st  – 25th

BA Online Lectures to select (1 or 2 lectures):

Year 1:

English Language (seminars)

Mathematical Analysis



History of Economic Science

Year 2:

English Language (seminars)

Theory of Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics


Labour Economics


Enterprise Economics

Year 3:

English Language (seminars)

Corporate Finance

Economic Analysis

Securities Market

Tax and Taxation

Year 4:

International Financial Reporting Standards

Investments Management

Financial Monitoring

International Investments


Documents Required to teach online outside Russia

Diplomas Nostrification / Diploma Recognition in Russia

Certificate of No Criminal Record in Russia

PRUE Documents Required to sign online (please, check these documents with your university before applying for Nostrification):

Contract for Rendering Teaching Services outside Russia Online

Contract for Rendering Teaching Services inside Russia Offline and Online

Consent to Personal Data Processing

Acceptance-Delivery Act of Services Rendered

Application for Renumeration

Contact Person: Inga Koryagina

Deadline: October 15th