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Honorary Visiting Professors

Upon the initiative of the Faculty of Finance Robin Joyce and Stuart Lawson are being awarded the title of a "Honorary Visiting Professor".

Robin Joyce is a professor of Financial University under The Government of Russia, author of 50 manuals in International Financial Reporting Standards.


Since 2015, Robin Joyce:

  • Has been giving guest lectures and master classes in English for undergraduate, graduate and exchange students of the Faculty of  Finance in the following areas: "International Financial Reporting Standards", "Management Accounting and Analysis" for 1st  and 2nd year of studying masters and "Financial Risk Management", "Financial Planning", "Company Value Management", "Cash Flow Management" for 3rd and 4th year bachelors;

  • Participated in the International Teaching Week;

  • Took part in conference «Business management: what will happen?» and in VII International scientific-practical conference «Modern economy: concepts and the model of innovative development» with speech "Improvement of retail payments in Russia on the basis of the experience of UK".

Stuart Lawson is a Senior Advisor of Ernst&Young in Russia.



Since 2016, Stuart Lawson:

  • Has been giving guest lectures and master classes in English for undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of  Finance in cooperation with the Department of Financial Markets in the following areas: «Investment Management», «Financial Management», «Finance, Strategy and Competitiveness of companies», «International Financial Management», «Money, Credit, Banks», etc.;

  • Participated in the Ist and IInd International Teaching Weeks;

  • Conducted a "Study and Career" joint event between E&Y and PRUE graduates.


Activities of Honorary Visiting Professors include:

  • Conducting guest lectures and practical classes for students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs at PRUE.

  • Giving masterclasses for professors of PRUE.

  • Developing and reading courses at the request from faculties of PRUE.

  • Giving lectures on advanced training courses for professors and students at the faculty of additional education of PRUE and other types of teaching.


Dear Robin and Stuart,

We hope that you have made a right decision to cooperate with our University.

Thank you for such a trust and we hope for further fruitful cooperation!

We are confident that you will enjoy your teaching and it will bring a mutual benefit to you and our University.