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Double Degree with University of Perugia, Italy

Students from the Faculty of Finance of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics which studying on "Financial Analytics" master's program in English according to double degree exchange have an opportunity to study during one semester in University of Perugia, Italy. In cooperation with the Faculty of Finance of PRUE, the University of Perugia implements the master's program "Finance and Quantitative Methods in Economics".

The University of Perugia dates back to 1308. Currently, the University of Perugia offers a wide range of programs that cover almost all areas of study. Today, research, educational and consulting activities in various disciplines are organized in 16 departments, where about 23,500 students study.

The program, implemented within the "Economics" direction, is aimed at preparing masters with deep knowledge of activities in the field of finance and insurance, as well as the organization and functioning of financial markets. The course pays special attention to the processes and methods of monitoring indicators and financial risks, gives knowledge of the tools and models of mathematical statistics for risk management and in general for analyzing and interpreting financial and economic phenomena in conditions of uncertainty.

Thus, a graduate of "Finance and Quantitative Methods in Economics" will have the skills to:

  • evaluation and use of financial products,

  • insurance management and relationships between banking organizations,

  • to find investment solutions aimed at private and institutional investors.

The educational program provides the development of relevant knowledge in the world of insurance and legal regulation of the activities of markets and financial intermediaries.

The course is divided into two directions. The first is focused on the deepening of topics relating to the assessment and risk management in the financial sector and insurance; the second is aimed at in-depth knowledge of mathematical statistics for the quantitative analysis of more general financial and economic phenomena. Thus, the graduate fully meets the needs of the labor market, possessing a developed statistical and mathematical apparatus and deep knowledge of the economics of organizations, insurance markets and finance.


        The location of the University + landmarks for visiting

The University building is placed in the centre of Perugia. The building itself is an architectural monument. Two hundred meters away is the famous Etruscan arch, after passing through which in 5 minutes you can be on the square of the Fourth of November. Perugia is unique in terms of architecture: many medieval buildings, narrow streets, squares. The city is elevated, so there are plenty places with a breath-taking view, you can even see some of the nearby towns like Asisi.


•        Modernity and convenience of conducting lectures

Lectures are conducted in quite comfortable (sometimes cold) and a bit old-fashioned lecture halls. But there is decent lightning and almost all of the tables feature power outlets for charging, so it's handy for those who type lectures using their laptops.


•        Nearby cafes / restaurants

There are a lot of cafes, pizzerias and plenty of shops to choose from. In the immediate vicinity there are dozens of small cafes and restaurants. In the local canteen with a student card you can buy a full meal for only 4 euros. Everything is located not further than 15 minutes by feet. While using maps you will be able to find route easily.

•        Accommodation cost and conditions

The cost of living in a hostel - 150 euros per month. For this amount you are provided with a double room with a kitchen and a bathroom. Also this price includes weekly cleaning. The only disadvantage of the hostel is its distance from the city center, but literally behind the fence is one of the most democratic supermarkets at prices.

Another option is dormitory, one of their is placed far enough from the University (25 minutes on bus, ticket cost is 2 euros if you buy from driver, on the Piazza Universita you can buy 10-time ticket for less than 10 euros), but there are other dormitories near the centre. Accommodation is very comfortable and suitable: one tiny room for two persons with a cost of 5 euros per day with a toilet, bathroom and kitchen. In 20 meters from the dormitory is placed the cheapest supermarket Eurospin. Laundry room is working every two weeks. Clothing laundering is free, also you can change your bedsheets. None of the managers can speak English, so it is very hard to communicate with stuff inside the dormitory.

•        The prestige of the University and its place in the rankings

The University of Perugia is one of the top 20 universities in Italy, making it an extremely popular place to study.

•        Support during adaptation period for international students

About all the questions concerning study process students could ask their professor: Elena Stanghellini. She kindly will help you. Also, when students will arrive, volunteers from the University will meet them and drive to the dormitory. Inside the University students can ask for help in the main building in the department for Erasmus program students. Inside the Economy faculty building there is a secretariat for any type of questions concerning studies. The number of foreign students reaches 20% of the total number of students.

•        The quality of studying and renowned professors

Studies are conducted as lectures. Attending is not compulsory. You just need to come for the exam and get at least 18/30 points to get credit points. The student has 3 attempts to pass each exam. Classes, even in the magistracy are held during the day, so that combining study and work is quite problematic. Teachers explain the material very lucidly, a lot of time is spent on bringing knowledge to all students, as the result the volume of the course suffers. Professors sometimes invites guest lectors from high positions in big companies.

•        Internship price

Students won't pay any money for the internship. They will have a scholarship of 500 euros after the income tax and transaction it's around 426 euros. But for comfortable living we recommend to take 150-200 euros extra money for each month.

•        Possibility of getting a double diploma

The main advantage of studying at the University of Perugia is the possibility of obtaining a double degree. When studying for a double degree program, the choice of subjects is very limited, but when studying for other exchange programs, students have a wide range of courses that they can attend.

•        Available educational programs and opportunity to choose subjects

According to the learning agreement program, subjects from the home university are transferred to the same subjects in the University of Perugia. But there is a possibility to change some of your subjects to another one, but it should be negotiated with your tutors from both universities.

•        User-friendly website of the University and accounts on social networks 

Official website is friendly. Professors are posting all their lectures where you can download it. There is also a program – Unipass, it can be used as a pass to the library and other university facilities. Schedule is also shown, but the room number changes all the time.

•        Additional courses, sections, clubs and participation in events

All foreign students are required to take an Italian language course, this is very important, since the local population does not speak English at all. Getting A-2 was free of charge. Also, you can check Erasmus office, they propose different events, cheap tours across the Italy.

•        Prospects of further employment and prestige of the internship

Internship is viewed very favourable among Russian employers. They are eager to get students with an international experience. I've already received some offers from Fintech companies.

•        Opportunities to learn languages among native speakers

Only few of Italians can speak English, that's why the only way to communicate with Italian people is the Italian language. You have to learn it if you want to feel comfortable in this country. Also, Italian people are very kind and sociable, so practicing your language skills is very easy in Italy.

•        Insurance for foreign students

Insurance wasn't provided and medical treatment costs a lot.

•        Library and science centre presence

Library isn't big but very comfortable provided with Wi-Fi coverage. But most of the paper books are in Italian.