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Visa Extension Procedure

For those, who has a Certificate of Diploma Recognition in Russian Federation and a Work Visa from PRUE, we extend your work visa for a year by ourselves and at our expense within 4 business days.


To start the procedure, you should bring to our office upon your arrival:


- Your international passport. We will collect it from you for 3-4 days so you need to make a copy of your 1st page and a page with your Russian visa to stay in Moscow;

- A copy of your migration card, which you are given while crossing the Russian border;

- One photo 3x4.


Therefore, we recommend you to arrive in Moscow on Sunday and to stay at least till Thursday's evening, because in the morning we will return your passport with a one year extended Russian Work Visa to you.


Please don't schedule a trip inside Russia by aircraft and train during visa extension period because your passport in origin is required for that.