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Letter of Gratitude to Szabolcs Pasztor

Olga Shemetkova handed in the Letter of Gratitude to Szabolcs Pasztor


On December 6th, 2019, Olga Shemetkova, Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, expressed the deepest gratitude to Szabolcs Pasztor, Associate Professor, National University of Public Service, NUPS, in Budapest, Hungary, for the invitation to visit leading European universities in Budapest, Hungary and awarded him with a letter of gratitude.

Olga Shemetkova and Szabolcs Pasztor


Szabolcs Pasztor is a Visiting Professor of the Faculty of Finance at PRUE. He has been collaborating with our faculty and giving guest lectures and masterclasses for students with enthusiasm for more than three years.


Szabolcs Pasztor is giving the masterclass at PRUE



This long-term cooperation between PRUE and NUPS has grown to a new stage this year and launching double degree agreements were reached.


Meeting with the management of the National University of Public Service


We express highest appreciation to whole team of National University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary, and look forward to continue our fruitful cooperation!