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MASTER DEGREE IN ECONOMICS (specialization Examination, control and audit in the field of procurement)

Programa  providesprofessional  trainingto a new generation of specialists who are able to effectively and effectively carry out procurement, implement the principles of openness, transparency information in procurement, competition, customer professionalism, innovation promotion, system unity in procurement, monitoring and auditing in this area.

The graduate will know the methods of examination, control and audit in the procurement field, taking into account the specifics of the business, the target plants and the needs of its development.

Core subjects:

  • Regulatory and professional procurement standards
  • Organizing and planning for the purchase of goods, works and services
  • Expertise and quality control of procurement products
  • Examination of the performance of the contract
  • State control in the procurement system
  • Conract audit
  • Countering procurement corruption
  • Administrative responsibility in procurement
  • Assessing the competitiveness of goods and services in the procurement sector
  • Accounting for procurement
  • Identification and detection of counterfeit goods in the procurement sector
  • Comprehensive assessment of the quality of goods in public and municipal procurement

Department responsible of specialization educational program - Academic Department of Financial Control, Analysis and Audit of the Office of the Controller General of Moscow/


MASTER DEGREE IN MANAGEMENT (specialization Category Management)

The program is aimed at training masters in the field of category management.

The program forms a specialist who:

- has an innovative type of thinking;

Competence in product category management;

- can use modern methodological approaches to optimizing the range;

- o shape product development strategies;

- apply special knowledge about the formation, preservation and evaluation of the quality and competitiveness of different types and groups of goods in order to maximize the amount of profit generated.

Many practical classes are held in specialized laboratories and classrooms equipped with modern equipment.

Core subjects:

  • The resources provided by trade organizations
  • Product category marketing;
  • Modern retail strategies;
  • Product category quality management; 
  • Management  of commodity category profitability.

Discipline of choice:

  • Category management of clothing, shoe and children's goods;
  • Category management of perfume and cosmetics and household chemicals;
  • Category management of meat and dairy products;
  • Management of the "fruits and vegetables" categories;
  • Category management of beverages and confectionery;
  • Category management of functional and specialized foods;
  • Brand management;
  • Indoor marketing communications.

 Department responsible of specialization educational program - Department of Commodity Science and commodity expertise