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​​​​​​​​The purpose of the Faculty of "Business School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship"  Plekhanov Russian University of economics - to form students practical skills and competencies for managing business today.

Modern business environment - is the growth of the risks taken are treacherous and economic instability, information advertising and marketing space oversupply and change consumer motivation.

Features of the program of the Business School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship Plekhanov Russian University of economics - special attention to the development of skills in the field of business intelligence and management innovations, including information technology. Using the best competitive experience (benchmarking) will allow to conserve resources subject to achieve greater efficiency of business processes. This knowledge and skills are rare for practitioners, they are difficult to obtain on their own are required classes for professionals.

Our advantages:

- our team. Practice leading consulting, financial, audit and industrial companies, business owners, marketers, business trainers, coachers, foreign experts and professors practice Plekhanov Russian University of economics

 - learning Technology: a combination of classical elements of business education and new educational systems and technologies. The introduction of remote technologies contributes to the individualization of learning paths. Using the online-technologies, managers are able to operate successfully in today's business environment, regardless of the particular offices and territories.

- individual approach: depending on your knowledge, skills, activities, desires, you can choose the most suitable ways of training: full-time, in the evenings, on weekends, remotely. All programs can be adjusted to suit your needs and wishes!

- education system: game management, "live" seminars, presentations of business projects and interactive lectures, case study, the solution of practical problems.


Five reasons to enroll in the program of the Faculty of "Business School of Marketing and Entrepreneurship " Plekhanov Russian University of economics:

- modern knowledge and skills in business, management, marketing, in-depth study of methods of business but analysts and information-technology and management innovation, the English language;

- practice oriented and "live" learning technology, a combination of classical elements of business education and online-technologies contribute to the individualization of learning paths in Business listeners;

- all programs are based on the international experience of business and adapted to Russian conditions and legislation;

- program quality is guaranteed: the status of program managers (most of them - name, personal responsibility), the prestigious university diploma of image and certificates of international level as a result of successful learning;

- expansion of business contacts to exchange experiences and establish partnerships (on a number of programs with the possibility of international internships and employment).



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