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Рrogram reviews

Samples of opinions of some alumni of the MBA program are presented below:


Zubihin Anton Vladimirovich (Deputy General Manager of “Sinara - Transport Machines” plc.), Phd: “Many interesting conclusions were drawn, but the most interesting and the most important - I’ve changed my thinking strategy after studying at the program.  A lot of gratitude to the School!”


Manama Olesha Valerievna (“Syntes” plc., Director for Development): “I have a 14 years of experience in the business, seven of which I’ve been a manager. I have always dreamt about being an entrepreneur. I have set a target and the MBA course helped my to achieve it. Now I am not only a manager, I am also the owner.”


Vzorodova Anastasia Sergeevna (“3M”Ltd., complaint coordinator); “Today is a wonderful day -  we are completing two year work. And it was the work done not only by us, but also by our dear teachers. I received my first degree in the University and now I am completing my second higher education here. I would like to express nay gratitude to all Faculty and staff of Integral Business School. You are real professionals and I would like to thank you a lot for that. Almost every class was a revelation for me. Besides, we made a lot of friends. It’s amazing - 30 people, I never thought they can become good friends. I think we will remain friends for a long time. On behalf of my entire MBA group - thank you very much! ”


Golubkov Sergey Viktorovich (OOO “KEP” Head of the Sales department): “A very professionally developed course. Unlike other students, I studied not for two, but for three years due to academic leave. I had an opportunity to see a bit more. In particular, I would like to thank Nicolas Strange. His lecture that I attended 3 years ago helped me to solve a serious conflict with a client, who later turned into my friend… ”


Shatrova Alina Valerievna (OOO “Nutritech “Infant and specialised food””, senior Brand Manager): “I am very grateful to my group - we supported one another for 2 years, we became a tram and it reminded us of our studentship. I would like to thank our lecturers and our administration for selecting such faculty. We learnt a lot of new things. We read a lot. I have completely changed my outlook, although it was hard to believe in it at the beginning. Thank you, it was great. ”


Mohov Michail Mikhailovich (Marketing Director, OOO “Sirius”): “I would like to express my gratitude to the faculty. By all means, education in Integral Business School was of great value for me, and it has changed my view over the surrounding business processes, enabling me to study, assess and solve appearing problems in new ways which were describe to me in the course of study by talented lecturers. Thank you very much!”


Romanov Aleksey (Roca Rus (Russia), Product and Product Development Director): “My career in marketing led me to Plekhanov Business school “Integral”. I felt that my knowledge of marketing and extensive work experience had to be updated and systematized. I can't say that it was easy to study, as there was a lot to do in terms of the volume and content of study materials. Each course ended with either an exam or a test. I had to prepare a lot to pass them successfully.  As a result, I acquired sound knowledge and skills. During our study process we discussed real business cases in real companies, this helped me to use acquired knowledge in practice.

The program content paid enough attention to all three functional areas – management, finance and marketing. In addition, we could attend classes not only in the chosen area of concentration, but also the others, thus we could get even more information. The courses on Marketing were well designed, immediately delivering the message that marketing is not just a nice word or advertising campaigns, but comprehensive process underpinning the activities of any modern commercial system.

The number of courses explained in detail how to conduct market research, how to create a product, and which characteristics it must have, how to launch and promote the product. A separate set of courses on planning and budgeting gave us understanding how marketing is connected with all processes in the company, how it influences them and depends on them; what instruments and tools exist. We also studied the financial project management which is the basis of modern economic activities of any company.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the School's management, in particular, the MBA Administrative Director who was not only friendly but also ready to help with anything 24/7. Students’ opinions were taken into account in the choice of courses and teachers and students' feedback was used for course design.”


Orlova Julia (Marketing Director, LLC "Azbuka Vkusa"):  “There have been 2 important events in my life recently:  I graduated from the Plekhanov Business School “Integral” and started working in “Azbuka Vkusa”.

These 2 events are interconnected: the acquired knowledge helped me to realize the potential of my market segment and gave significant competitive advantages when I applied to my dream job. They involved not the line in my CV about my MBA in strategic management studies but the acquired new level of business competence, new skills, which I managed to show, and new level of self-development which was important for the new job.

I didn’t attend only 3 Saturday classes during the 2 years of studies, all the rest I enjoyed immensely. I was very impressed by the level of teaching and teachers, new information and new friends. Early morning breakfasts on Saturdays in the company of fellow students were the source of tremendous joy, with historical building in the center of Moscow - a cherry on the cake.

I miss our intensive brainstorming Saturdays a lot. However, I try to find time to look through the learning materials again – they are very useful. And I’m also thinking about continuing my studies.

I'm grateful to everybody who recommended this business school to me as I significantly enriched my knowledge and skills and I feel proud that I completed the MBA program successfully.”