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Doctor of Economics, Professor

Professional activity

Her research interests are related to the development of information and analytical support for the financial security of the company, tools for financial analysis, diagnostics and controlling of business processes, risk assessment and management of financial and economic activities, analysis of the effectiveness of the use of budget funds, assessment of the results of intellectual activity. Author identifiers: ORCID 0000-0003-1499-3448; SPIN code: 6141-0203; Scopus 57190564758; Researcher ID: E-3906-2014.


MIIT (Russian State University of Transport), Faculty of Engineering and Economics, qualification - economist, speciality - organization of mechanized processing of economic information (1983), School of Business at the Russian University of Economics named by G.V. Plekhanov, qualification «Accounting, audit and analysis of economic activity» (1994), Doctoral Studies (2008). Codes of the speciality: 38.00.00 «Economics», scientific speciality 08 - «Economic sciences», according to OKSO (OK 009-2016) specialities of higher education: «Education and pedagogical sciences» in the field of economics.

Educational, scientific and methodical work:

- Developed copyright programs for master's programs in Economics and Finance and Credit, and teaches disciplines Management Analysis and Diagnostics of Entrepreneurship, Financial Analysis of Business by Russian and International Standards, approved by the UMC on education in finance, accounting and World economy.

- Developed the author’s course and textbook for graduate students «Modern concepts and applied research in the field of economic analysis and control», It  is included in the curriculum for the preparation of graduate students in the direction «Economics»

- Prepared 17 candidates and doctors of science in relevant areas of fundamental and applied economic science: economic analysis, audit and control of the effectiveness of the use of budgetary funds, analysis and audit of foreign trade operations, analytical procedures in the audit and examination, internal audit of corporate risks of the formation and use of reserves, methods Audit quality assessment, internal control in non-profit and commercial organizations, control of operations with intangible assets in innovative organizations Atsiyah, controlling business processes and others.

- Conducts research with graduate and postgraduate students in the direction of «Business analytics and financial security».

- Has over 350 publications (in the RSCI), including 43 textbooks with the heading of UMO on education in finance, accounting and the world economy. The most significant textbooks published in 2015–2019.

In the publishing house «Yurait», included in the electronic library system

- Financial analysis (Bachelor and Master. Advanced course)

- Modern strategic analysis (Series «Master»)

- Audit (team of authors, textbooks for bachelors and STRs)

- Analysis of financial statements. Consolidated business (Series «Master» and «Professional textbook»)

The publishing house «INFRA-M» included in the Electronic Library System ZNANIUM.COM:

- Economic analysis

- Management analysis and diagnostics of entrepreneurship

- Economic analysis in business valuation and management of investment attractiveness of the company

- Management analysis in various industries 

- The financial environment of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial risks

- Strategic management (co-auth.)

- Audit for masters according to Russian and international standards (team of authors)

- Audit for masters: current issues of the audit (team of authors)

In the REU Publishing Center - study guides and workbooks in the disciplines of «Economic Analysis», «Financial Analysis», «Audit», «Audit and Analysis of Foreign Economic Activity», «Modern Concepts and Applied Research in the Field of Economic Analysis, Audit and Control» ( For graduate students), «Control and revision» (et al.). 

Scientific work, grants, innovation

The Hirsch Index in RSCI is 43, in Scopus / WoS - 2. The number of citations is more than 5000. Participation in more than 10 grants and research. 12 monographs, more than 150 articles in scientific and professional publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 8 articles in Scopus and WoS, 6 patents and copyright certificates for programs have been published. Monographs published by SIC INFRA-M (series «Scientific Thought»): «Methodology for the formation of relevant information in the context of the globalization of economic processes», «Modern paradigms and methods of analysis and control of budgetary efficiency» (et al.), «The concept of internal performance monitoring Organization» (co-auth.), «Financial controlling in holdings» (co-auth.), «Methodology of risk-oriented control and controlling business performance».

International cooperation, work with companies.

International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) United Kingdom, London). International Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), United Kingdom, London). International Network Institute of Rosfinmonitoring. Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after B. Yeltsin. LLC Scientific and Technical Center Nuclon. 

Participation in foreign conferences and projects: She made the presentation at 16 foreign and national conferences with international participation, including: Conference «Sustainability and statistics on transport and communications», October 17-20, 2018, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga, Latvia; INTCESS 2019 Conference - 6th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences, OCERINT - International Center for the Organization of Academic Research, UAE, Dubai, February 4-6, 2019; 15th International Strategic Management Conference «Strategic Management in an International Environment: New Challenges for International Business and Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0», Poznan-Poland, June 27-29, 2019; Conference «Information and analytical foundations of financial monitoring of the economic security of Eurasian countries in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of criminal proceeds and the financing of terrorism (AML / CFT)», Issyk-Kul Forum of Accountants and Auditors of Central Asia, Cholpon-Ata, Issyk- Kul Oblast, Kyrgyz Republic, July 6, 2019. 

Scientific and educational work with graduate and postgraduate students 

She is currently the supervisor of 4 graduate students and two attached to graduate school for the preparation of dissertations. For 2015-2019 4 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations prepared under the guidance of N.A. Kazakova. Organizes student financial research and student scientific events at the Faculty of Finance: conferences, Youth Forum of Tolerance, International and Interuniversity Economic Olympiad «Business Analysis and Risk Management»; Business games and business project contests with ACCA; Student participation in external research and competitions, including in the international student competition «Do you know IFRS?» (SPbGEU and Deloitte & Touche CIS and Ernst & Young). The most significant scientific and career guidance events are the organization of the All-Russian Festival of Science for students, graduate students, young scientists, including the annual International Student Scientific and Practical Conference «From Scientific Ideas to Business Development Strategies» (2013-2019); Professional seminar «Business analysis and decision making in behavioural economics: trends and technologies» (2015); Professional seminars «Business club for financiers and auditors» (2017-2020). Public and expert work, participation in dissertation councils and commissions Member of two dissertation councils in the specialities 08.00.12 «Accounting, Statistics», 08.00.05 «Economic Security», member of the RAE expert commission, member of the editorial board and expert commission of scientific and practical journals. Member of the working groups on the development and examination of the professional standard «Business Analyst», on the development of a new model of the qualification exam for obtaining the qualification certificate of the auditor based on international standards for the education of auditors (in accordance with the decision of the Audit Council of the Ministry of Finance of Russia and on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation from 06/26/2016). Expert in the field of «Finance, financial analysis, fundamentals of financial management, risk management, internal control», Chairman of the Methodological Council for the qualification exam for the right to conduct audit activities in the Russian Federation.   

Преподавательская деятельность

Head of the master's program «Business Analytics in Economics and Management» (until 2017 - «Financial and Management Business Analytics») at the Faculty of Finance. Teaching disciplines: in the first year of the magistracy: «Managerial analysis and diagnostics of entrepreneurial activity» and «Financial analysis of business according to Russian and international standards;» In the second year of master's degree: «Analysis of entrepreneurial risks». Conducting classroom studies, supervising the research work, educational, industrial and research practice of graduate students, supervising master's theses, supervising postgraduate and doctoral students, participating in the work of the State Economic Commission.

Общий стаж работы

Total work experience 

36 years. 

Since 2019 - Professor at the Basic Department of Financial and Economic Security, Director of the SSC for Financial Research, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. 

Since 2016 - Professor at the Department of Financial Management. 

From 2007 to 2016 - Head of the Department of Business Analysis and Audit. 

Since 2004 - professor. 

From 1983 to 2003 - programmer, system designer of databases of economic and statistical information, head of the department for the development of inter-agency databases in the system of the State Statistics Committee of Russia. 

Since 1997 - analytical, research and pedagogical work, including in the framework of the Target Programs of Rosstat, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Ministry of Economics of the Moscow Region, at Rosatom enterprises, in commercial organizations.

Стаж работы по специальности

Work experience in the speciality

 Since 1983, design and analytical work in the field of economics, including since 1997 - teaching in the field of economics, management and finance. 

Continuing education / professional retraining

Повышение квалификации / профессиональная переподготовка

2019 – «Development of effective online courses for external platforms using innovative approaches to training» Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

2019 – Program «Development and implementation of the main educational program in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard», Federal State Budgetary Institution «National Accreditation Agency in the Field of Education»

2019 – Organizational and economic aspects of finance and taxes, financial activities and accounting in companies , banking and non-bank financial institutions, financial control and analytics, financial technology and real estate management Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

2018 - Certificate of Professional Development under the program «Methodology for developing a system of qualification certification of specialists in the field of economics, finance and business based on international education standards IFAC» (International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United Kingdom, London, Glasgo

2017 - Organization of a competency-based training and assessment system for personnel in the field of finance, accounting, auditing and business management (International Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), United Kin Gdom, London)

2017 - Application of international, European and nationPlekhanov Russian University of Economicsal standards of business education in the development of methodological support for exams ACCA (International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom, London)

2015 - Anti-Corruption Program, Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education named after G. V. Plekhanova

Научные исследования

Scientific research

2019 - Applied research «Stimulating green investments by creating a green bond market in Russia» (customer - Office of the President of the Russian Federation) (solving socio-economic problems of enhancing sustainable development Economy in the field of environmental safety through the transformation of the financial market and stimulation of investment processes in the field of ecology.

2018 - Grant on the theme «Development of the methodological foundations and the organizational and economic mechanism of the strategic management of economic security of Russia» (customer - Ministry of Education and Science of Russia) - executor.

2016 – «Information and analytical support for the safety of business entities» under an internal grant (order No. 1330 of October 25, 2016) - the head.

2016 – «The study of the best world practices of semantic integration and the development of proposals for the development of Russian-language semantic resources in the framework of international cooperation» under an internal grant (order No. 763 of July 11, 2016) performer.

 2016 – «Information and methodological support of the system of internal control of the effectiveness of the university» (contract No. 690 of 10/31/2016, customer Mordovian State Pedagogical University), head.

2015 - Research «Analysis of economic activity and the development of proposals to improve the efficiency of the system of internal control of business processes related to foreign trade operations» (customer - Scientific and Technical Center Nuklon LLC), director.

2015 - Scientific research work «Modeling the accounting policy of an organization in the context of international standardization of accounting processes» (customer - Nuclon Scientific and Technical Center LLC), director. 2015 - A grant on the topic «Organizational, methodological and legal support for managing the results of scientific and technical activities belonging to the Russian Federation and obtained in the framework of the implementation of state contracts» for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (executive officer).

2015 - Grant «Development of the system of state statistics-2» for the Bureau of Economic Analysis on the topic «Development of a methodology for accounting for intellectual property products in the national accounts of the Russian Federation» (executive officer).

2014 - Grant on the topic «Analysis of economic entities and determination of requirements for their economic characteristics on the basis of the regional development model for the formation of support mechanisms in order to increase the competitiveness of the economy of the Kaliningrad region» (executive contractor). 2014 - Research «Improving the system of accounting and control of the financial and economic activities of the organization» (customer - LLC Scientific and Technical Center «Nuclon»), director.

2013 - A grant on the theme «Development of an integrated system for assessing, monitoring and developing professional competencies of the heads of educational institutions of Moscow in the field of financial and economic activities in the field of education» (customer - Moscow Department of Education), rep. Executor.

Copyright certificates and patents

- Patent for the invention «A model for managing the leasing process in the industry» No. 2647653 dated March 16, 2018, issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation, validity period until December 3, 2035. -

- Certificate of state registration of the program for computers Leasing Master, issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property on September 18, 2015. Reg. Number 2015619974. -

- Certificate of official registration of the computer program «Application package» Operational Statistical Database (SPD OSBD). Registration number No. 940531, issued by RosAPO on December 29, 1994

- Copyright certificate No. 19606 dated October 30, 2013 of the State Academy of Sciences INIPI RAO OFERNiO to the Electronic Training and Methodological Complex «Sources of financing, accounting system and evaluation of the effectiveness of government tasks in budgetary educational institutions».

- Copyright certificate No. 19605 dated October 30, 2013 of the State Academy of Sciences INIPI RAO OFERNiO for the Electronic Educational and Methodological Complex «System of Internal and External State Financial Control of Budget Educational Institutions».

- Copyright certificate No. 19607 of 10.30.2013 of the State Academy of Sciences INIPI RAO OFERNiO for the Electronic Educational and Methodological Complex «Normative-per-capita financing of state educational services, taking into account the peculiarities of educational levels and the implementation of educational programs».

Additional information

2019 - Diploma of the laureate of the International competition «ACADEMUS», organized by the International Foundation for the Development of Science and Education (IFDSE) in conjunction with the INFRA-M group of companies for the best scientific and educational publication in the field of economics and management - the textbook «The financial environment of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial risks» For the monograph «Financial Controlling» (co.) 

2017 - Diploma of the laureate of the contest «National Quality Certificate» in the nomination «Best Information Project» for the first Russian textbooks of the series «Audit for Magis» Trov. Higher education. Master's program», published by INFRA-M Publishing House in 2017: «Audit for Masters by Russian and International Standards» and «Actual Issues of Auditing» (et al.) 

2016 - Corresponding Member of RAE 

2016 - Gold Medal «PARIS BOOK FAIR (2016)» for the textbooks for masters «Financial Analysis» and «Modern Strategic Analysis» for 2016 - at the 36th International Paris Book Salon-Exhibition, diploma of the winner of the contest «Golden Fund of Russian Science» 

2016, 2017, 2018 - Diploma of the Youth Union Economists and financiers of the Russian Federation for Organizational and methodological training of winners of the All-Russian and International Olympiads and Competitions 

2015 - Honored Worker of Science and Education, A. Nobel Medal for contribution to invention 

2014 - Gratitude of the Ministry of Education 2012, 2013, 2015 - Diplomas of the winner of the REU competition named after G. V. Plekhanov for the best Educational literature: for the textbooks for masters «Economic Analysis», «Strategic Management», «Modern Strategic Analysis»

2011 - Medal of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of the city of Moscow for its great contribution to the development of the state financial control system and the achievement of high results in professional activity 

2002 - Awarded the honorary title «Veteran of Labor»

1992, 1994 - Medals of the Exhibition of Achievement of National Economy 

1997 - Medal «In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow»


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