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Moscow Instrument Making College

The college was founded on 1 January 1926 as the Textile College. For 85 years, our educational institution changed its name several times. In the mid-90s, we got the name Moscow Industrial and Economic College. During the existence of the college were prepared and issued more than 60 thousand specialists of different specialties. Currently Moscow Industrial and Economic College is a structural subdivision of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with rich experience and traditions of preparation in the field of economics, law, land and property relations and design. The main indicator of the quality of our educational institution is a demand for our graduates on the labor market.

Principles of our work:

Trends in socio-economic development of the country dictate the new quality requirements for the organization of educational process in colleges and to the level of training. Therefore today secondary professional education is not only and is not only the transfer of knowledge, but also the development of special skills and abilities of students. The priority of vocational education of the XXI century is a comprehensive formation of students' organizing, leadership and creative qualities.

Our approach to the educational process includes key positions:

  1. The purpose of training is to get by students of necessary competencies for each profession that is represented in college.
  2. Education is aimed at development of students ability to synthesize all the knowledge, skills, information, their own behavior and attitude to what is happening in a single effective course of action.
  3. Education is based on the current economic realities and international management practices.

Why people choose us?

  • We offer expired specialty, popular in all areas of the economy;
  • Availability of budget places;
  • The ability to get a quality education and a state diploma;
  • We combine the best traditions of education and innovative technologies;
  • Deferment of service in the armed forces in accordance with Russian legislation;
  • A large role is assigned to the process of organization and holding practice;
  • Active student life: mugs, sections, creative evenings, exhibitions;
  • College provides a wide range of additional education;
  • Graduates may continue their studies at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics of higher education programs (with the reduction of the period of education). ​

Currently Moscow Instrument Making College - is structural subdivision of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics realizing programs of secondary professional education for the following groups of specialties:


     - Computer Science and Engineering:​

                     09.02.01 Computer systems and complexes **

                     09.02.03 Programming in computer systems **

                     09.02.02 Computer networks **

                     09.02.05 Applied Informatics (according to branches) **

                     09.02.04 Information systems (according to branches) **

     - Information Security:

                    10.02.03 Information security of automated systems**

         In addition to the technical specialties that are traditional for college since 2012 the implementation of the following educational programs began:

                     40.02.01 Law and Social Security Organization

                                   Qualification of the graduate - lawyer             

           With more than a half-century history (in 2010 MIMC became 70 years old), rich experience and large stock of accumulated knowledge, we annually graduate more than 200 professional electronic engineers, programmers, network administrators and database. It's no secret that modern IT-specialist should have knowledge in all aspects of the creation, maintenance and operation of computer systems. It is impossible to become a true professional and not to have basic knowledge in all these areas. Therefore, all our students gain knowledge in all these areas, and in-depth study of specific disciplines eventually determines the future profession. This division is built on directions of more "iron" specialties to specialize in software. 

             Moscow Instrument Making College accepts its walls pupils who are looking for college after 9 or 11 years of schooling. Modern IT-education includes a large number of workshops and "remote approach" to learning. This approach to learning in college yesterday's school graduates on the basis of secondary (grade 9) or complete medium (11 classes) education after 2 learning course at the Moscow Instrument Making College have a real opportunity to compete in today's IT-specialists on the labor market.

             For implementation of received professional skills of students in the field of real production, already after 2 courses of training, technical skills can assign for the following professions:

                   - 230103.02 Master on processing of digital information

                   - 230103.03 Adjuster of computer networks

                   - 230103.04 Adjuster of hardware and software

                 Moreover, given the tendency of modern life, such as education without the stop in working at the Moscow Instrument Making College preparation on correspondence courses on the following specialties are held:

                 09.02.01 Computer systems and complexes ***

                 09.02.05 Programming in computer systems ***

                 09.02.04 Information systems (according to branches) ***

This allowed even more to fully meet the needs for quality, not only IT-education, but also to satisfy the desire for knowledge of school leavers after 9 and 11 classes, as well as the adult population, that is, all those who is given for himself the question: "Where to go to learn?".

According to the basic educational programs at the college education is carried out mainly on the basis of the budget (at the expense of the federal budget).

              * held within the framework of additional education

        ** Specialties of secondary professional education required for use in the implementation of the priorities of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy (according to the order of the Russian Government from 11.03.2011, № 1943-p).

      *** According to educational programs the education on individual plans of students is possible (elements of external studies), which allows to reduce the regulatory terms of training.