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About the Department


​Department of Political Economy is the oldest department of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The course of political economy was already read in 1907, of the first days of opening. In the entire history of existence at the department worked many prominent economists, including S. Bulgakov, V. Zheleznov, Manuilov A., D. Petrushevsky, later they were joined by L. Abalkin, Y. Belyaev, V. Belchuk, G. Grigoryan, Groshev V., V. Dokukin, D. Lvov, N. Petrakov, L. Mordukhovich, I. Suslov, V. Fedorov, R. Khasbulatov and many others.


Activity of members of department wasn't limited to study. Here always research and public work were actively conducted. In April, 1915 at institute was founded a scientific organization for development of questions of development of productive forces in Russia which chairman was professor A. Manuylov. In 1908 "The circle of economists" was created on the basis of which the first social democratic group of students of institute. Today, created by the decree of Empress Catherine II, October 31, 1765 Free Economic Society of Russia (VEO of Russia) - Europe's oldest public organization - an active role in the leadership and work of academician L. play Abalkin, academician N. Petrakov, a member of the society is professor G. Zhuravleva.


The special page in the history of department was made during the years of the Great Patriotic War. Among glorious soldiers it is necessary to call professor V. Belchuk who in 1975 has become the head of the department of political economy of trade faculties, associate professor S. Bim – the favorite​ lecturer of students of commodity research faculty, associate professor V. Klushin, associate professor Ya. Zagarskikh, associate professor I. Cherkasov, associate professor P. Shapovalov, associate professor V. Shimansky, E. Kaverina and other teachers. For special merits in the back professor Mr. Grigoryan who was the head of the department of political economy from 1959 to 1975 and associate professor B. Mironova have been marked out.


An important role in the development of the department of political economy played as heads professor G. Grigorian, Professor L. Abalkin,, who later became a full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and Professor G. Zhuravleva.


Grigoryan Grigory (1910-1975) is the outstanding scientist famous in the Soviet Union as the serious researcher of problems of commodity production and the address, I managed department from 1959 to 1975, at the same time in one years being the dean of Trade and economic faculty, and in others to – the vice rector for science of the Moscow institute of a national economy named after G.V. Plekhanov. Under his management the staff of department periodically published scientific collections of articles of teachers and graduate students, teaching courses of political economy of capitalism and socialism was constantly improved.


Abalkin Leonid (born 5/5/1930) is the scientist with a world name, the largest politician, one of key figures of the reorganization that was begun by M. Gorbachev, the vice-chairman of Council of ministers of the USSR N. Ryzhkova from 1989 to 1991. At scientific and pedagogical work since 1953, the head of department of political economy of economic departments of PRUE from 1967 to 1976, later the director of Institute of economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. L. Abalkin is an author over 600 scientific works of which active search of ways of improvement of the Soviet economic model, improvement of economic policy of the state, aspiration to find ways of improvement not only economy, but also a standard of living of all people, especially working people.


Zhuravleva Galina is the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the Doctor of Economics, professor, the full member of three public academies: Academies of the humanities (Moscow office), International academy of informatization, New York academy of Sciences, honorable doctor of the Chelyabinsk Southern Ural state university. The Doctor of Economics G. Zhuravleva investigates problems of transformation of modern market system of managing and formation of new economy, improvement of teaching the economic theory in new conditions. She has published more than 190 works with a total amount more than 1500 printed pages. Among them there are more than 30 textbooks and manuals (the general edition).


In some years, the departments of political economy of economic and trade faculties were headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V. Dokukin, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Konstantinov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V. Belchuk, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Yu. Belyaev, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor I. Suslov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor I. Puzin, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V. Fedorov. Later, the Department of Political Economy was renamed as the Department of Economic Theory.​