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Introduction to Clinical Psychology.


Gestalt Psychology.

History of Psychology.

Conflict Management in Social Work.


Conflict Management.

General Psychology.

General Psychology Practicum.

Framework of Art Therapy.

Framework of Psychogenetic.

Framework of Social-Psychological Diagnostics.

Framework of Economic Psychology.


Educational Psychology.

Experimental Psychology and Psychodiagnosis.

Psychodiagnosis in Workforce Management.


Psychological Basis of Workforce Management.

Psychology of Business and Interpersonal Communication.

Psychology and Pedagogic.

Personal Psychology.

Organizational Psychology.

Personnel Psychology.


Psychology of Professional Development.


Psychology of Family.

Labor Psychology, Industrial Psychology and Ergonomics

 Labor Psychology.

Psychology of Management.

Psychology of Team-Working in Project Management.


Psychotechnology in Management.


Psychopisiology in professional activities.



Social Psychology.

Friction Theory.

Training of Interpersonal Communication. ​