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About the Department

Since 2011, the department "Project and Program Management" starts a new training program on the profile of "Project Management" in the direction 080200 "Management".

Graduates - Bachelor of Management are experts in project management:

  • Investment in the construction industry;
  • integrated development;
  • development of real estate and property management;
  • public administration;
  • environmental and conservation activities;
  • the introduction of innovative techniques and technologies;
  • the development of enterprises, their reform, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
  • in the social sphere.


Area of activity applied professional management, methodology and project management instrument varying degrees of complexity at all stages of their life cycle on the enterprises and organizations of any organizational and legal forms of business structures, state and municipal government.

 The professional part of the program is based on:

  • A deep study of the methodology and tools of project management in accordance with international standards and the Body of Knowledge Project Management PMBOK;
  • National requirements for the competence of Project Management Specialist (STC);
  • International requirements for the competence of project management specialists (International Competence Baseline of the International Project Management Association - ICB, IPMA), which provides training in national and international certifications;

The department already has experience in the training of engineers and economists with specialization "Project Management" as part of the standard 080502 "Economics and Management (Construction)" carried out since 2007.

The department has formed a specialized library of books on project management, there are lots of  textbooks and monographs, national and international standards of project management, also in electronic form, a modern foreign literature.

For 19 years the department has its own computer lab, which sets professional software products that enable quality teaching students, including on computer graphics modeling and design (AutoCad, ArchiCad, KPLAN), preparation of construction documents ("Smetchik- Stroitel") , project management - software package Primavera P6 Planner Project including functional modules on specific knowledge areas of project management: integration, time, quality, maintenance, cost, risk, human resources, communications, supplies and contractual project. In the computer class, students perform laboratory and course work, business games on project management.

There is an agreement on the holding of industrial practice of students with organizations applying project management techniques, which also employed graduates. Continuous work is underway for the establishment of business contacts with partners, including through the participation of teachers, students and graduate students in the annual international conferences and forums on project management.

In 2011, the department opened two master's directions in which bachelors graduates can continue their education to obtain a master's degree:

"Management of investment and construction projects and programs"

"Management of environmental and nature conservation projects and programs"

The department operates postgraduate studies, in which the masters can continue their education and obtain a degree with a thesis in the Academic Council at the department for the protection of master's and doctoral theses.

The department is actively attracting leading experts scholars and practitioners to cooperate, including in the preparation of highly qualified specialists in graduate and doctoral studies, it has credibility in the business community and government agencies, which act as guarantors for the employment of graduates.

The training program was developed with the participation of agencies of the Government of Moscow, the Group of Companies "PMSOFT", which is the official representative of Primavera Systems.Inc in Russia, the Moscow branch of the PMI, the Institute of Control and the Institute for Systems Analysis, which provides universal education in project management, based on academic basis in conjunction with business practice.

The main scientific directions of the department "Project and Program Management":

Modern problems of project management in the field of investment and construction and environmental management:


Development of organizational and economic mechanisms for the implementation of energy-saving technologies and new methods of innovation management in housing and civil construction.

Methods of analysis and urban development, regional market development, investment analysis of real estate market, land management of the city, a feasibility study of integrated development projects, public-private partnership in the development of infrastructure projects, modeling of regional housing market.

The study of environmental problems in urban areas, the environmental assessment of projects, production, technical and economic evaluation of the sustainability of ecosystems and regions of strategic areas to ensure their ecological safety, ecological and economic analysis of the risk management decisions.