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About the Department

Department of Economic Theory is the oldest department of PRUE. The course of economic theory (political economy then) was read in 1907 from the first days of the opening of our university.


The department worked outstanding Russian and Soviet economists: S. Bulgakov, V. Zheleznov, A. Manuilov, D. Petrushevsky, L. Abalkin, Y. Belyaev, V. Belchuk, G. Grigoryan, V. Groshev, Dokukina D . Lviv, N. Petrakov, L. Mordukhovich, I. Suslov, V. Fedorov, R. Khasbulatov, G. Zhuravlev and others.


The activity of the department is never limited only by teaching. There is always actively conducted research and community service. For example, in April 1915, it was established by the scientific community to develop the issues of development of productive forces in Russia, whose chairman was a professor at the Institute A. Manuilov. In 1908 "Circle of Economists" was created, which was formed on the basis of the first Social Democratic group of students of the institute. Members of the department regularly participated in the promotion of economic and political knowledge among the society through people, "Knowledge." In the second half of the last century when the USSR Ministry of Higher Education was created by Council Head of Economic Sciences, the chairman of which for many years was a doctor and professor L. Abalkin.


During its existence the department has repeatedly been subjected to various kinds of reorganization. Having originated as the Department of Political Economy, which gave courses not only political economy, but also the history of economic theories, economic life stories (Later the history of the national economy and economic history), economic policy in the future, as the number of students of the department identify new structural formations. Now PRUE, along with the Department of Economic Theory, exists Department of the history of economic science and established in November 2013, the Department of political economy.


Currently, the department is called the Department of Economic Theory and its head is a doctor of economic sciences Ustyuzhanina Elena.


​At the department 30 people are employed, including 27 teachers, out of them 5 doctors of economic sciences and 18 candidates of economic sciences. One of the achievements of the department is reading of the full course of economic theory on the «IBS» program, which corresponds to an international double degree program. In this program and on the basis of other forms of international relations made constant contact with a number of universities in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, Slovakia, the USA and South Africa, where the teachers of the department in different years some courses read in French and English.