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Disciplines of the Department of Informatics

List of the disciplines assigned to the Department of Informatics by order No. 417 of May 26, 2017 "On the securing of disciplines for 2017/2018 academic year. year "(according to Appendix 1)  

  1. Information Technology

  2.  Information Technology in management

  3.  IT consulting

  4.  IT-technologies of work with personnel

  5.  Analysis of large data (in English)

  6.  Data analysis

  7.  Analysis and synthesis of management decisions in the innovation economy

  8.  Analytical methods of economic systems research

  9.  Analytical methods of research economic systems (advanced level)

  10.  Business Intelligence in the R&Python environment (in English)

  11.  Business studies based on IBM SPSS Statistics

  12.  Accounting information systems

  13.  Dynamic web systems in the economy

  14.  Innovations in economics (advanced level)

  15.  Instrumental methods of decision support

  16.  Tools for statistical and intellectual analysis of data

  17.  Intelligent information systems

  18.  Intelligent information systems (advanced level)

  19.  Intelligent information systems and methods of artificial intelligence in economics

  20.  Intelligent systems

  21.  Intelligent technologies in reengineering business

  22.  Data mining based on data warehouses

  23.  Internet technologies in the economy

  24.  Internet technologies in the knowledge economy

  25.  Informatics

  26.  Information business analytics

  27.  Information support for management decision-making

  28.  Information and analytical systems

  29.  Information and analytical systems for business and business intelligence management

  30.  Information and analytical technologies of state and municipal management

  31.  Information and analytical technologies of financial analysis and monitoring

  32.  Information and analytical technologies of financial analysis and monitoring (advanced level)

  33.  Information Society and Informatics Problems

  34.  Information Society and Problems of Applied Informatics

  35.  Information and Communication Technologies

  36.  Legal Information Systems

  37.  Information and Cognitive Technologies in Economics

  38.  Information Systems in Politics

  39.  Information Systems in the Social and Labor Sphere

  40.  Information Systems in Management

  41.  Information Systems in the Economics

  42.  Information management systems of the production company

  43.  Information Technologies

  44.  Information Technologies in the Risk Analysis Management

  45.  Information Technologies in Crisis Management

  46.  Information Technologies in Linguistics

  47.  Information Technologies in Management

  48.  Information Technologies in Taxation

  49.  Information Technologies in Professional Activity

  50.  Information Technologies in Psychology

  51.  Information Technologies in Advertising

  52.  Information Technologies in Management

  53.  Information Technologies in Knowledge Management

  54.  Information Technologies in personnel management

  55.  Information Technologies in project management

  56.  Information Technologies in economics

  57.  Information Technologies in legal activity

  58.  Information Technologies and systems in marketing

  59.  Information Technologies of management

  60.  Information management

  61.  Information management (advanced level)

  62.  Using graphics demonstration programs

  63.  Enterprise IT architecture (advanced level)

  64.  Cognitive business analytics (advanced level)

  65.  Cognitive Economics

  66.  Cognitive Technologies in Economics

  67.  Quantitative Methods of Information Systems in Economics

  68.  Computer technologies in economics

  69.  Corporate information systems

  70.  Mathematical and instrumental methods of decision support

  71.  Knowledge and information networks management

  72.  Knowledge management methodology and technologies in the organization

  73.  Methodology and technology of analysis and design of information systems

  74.  Methods and models of computer science

  75. Methods of computer design

  76.  Multi-agent systems

  77.  Modeling and reengineering of business processes

  78.  Multimedia technologies

  79.  Neural networks

  80.  Cloud computing and services

  81.  General theory of systems

  82.  Object-oriented technologies in software engineering

  83.  Information technology basics in economics

  84.  Software engineering basics

  85.   Object-oriented information systems

  86.  Software engineering

  87.  Designing WEB applications

  88.  Designing applied interactive applications

  89.  WEB application development

  90.  WEB application development in commercial activity

  91.  Mobile App development

  92.  Economic application development

  93.  Distributed information resources

  94.  Distributed systems

  95.  ICT markets and sales organization

  96.  System integration and management of corporate information systems applications

  97.  Decision support systems

  98.  Business rule management systems

  99.  Customer relationship management systems

  100. Business performance management systems

  101.  Electronic business systems

  102.  Data structure and algorithms

  103.  Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

  104.  Systems Theory and Systems Analysis (Advanced Level)

  105. Technological Basis for Development and Management of Internet Projects

  106.  IT Project Management

  107. IT Services and Content Management

  108.  Life-cycle management of Information System

  109.  Life-cycle management of IS

  110.  Information and Knowledge management

  111.  IT Project Management

  112.  IT Service and Content Management

  113.  Project Management of Information Systems Implementation (in English)

  114.  E-Business Management

  115.  Management of e-Business and Internet projects

  116.  Financial Information Systems

  117. Functional programming and data mining (in English)

  118. Data Warehouse

  119. Complete System Technologies

  120.  Digital signature

  121.  E-business