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About the Department

The Department of hospitality, tourism and sports, conducted an active educational and methodical work. Each teacher has an individual direction in this area. All subjects of the curriculum are updated annually, they are the clarification and correction in order to avoid duplication, you enter actual information, the new data. Students take several practices and get a working profession. With the aim of improving the educational process of the Department published courses and teaching materials in all the disciplines of the curriculum.


The Department widely uses modern information technologies. Prepared and read a special course "Information systems in the hospitality industry and tourism" with the use of modern it achievements. Developed and launched individual sites and disciplines. Purchased software for automation of hotel enterprises Fidelio Front Office and the equipment of complex automation of the restaurant in the hotel enterprise: a terminal, Micros Eclipse, kitchen and guest (slip) printers interface is installed with the restaurant system Micros POS and Fidelio FO. Since 2009, students have the opportunity to study the complex automation of tourism enterprises Tours.Ru and get acquainted with the practice in modern travel agencies.


The Department provides training in the areas of "Hospitality", "Tourism". Form of training day and evening. Upon completion of training students pass the state exam on the specialty and defend a thesis.


Lot of attention the Department pays to the training of researchers. It prepared 3 doctors and more than 25 candidates of economic Sciences. For 16 years, has published more than 10 books, one of them in English, more than 30 monographs and 50 textbooks.


The Department carries out active international cooperation. Now our main partner for international education is the University of professional education Satakunta Polytechnic, Pori (Finland). Part of the special disciplines teachers of the Department read in English.


The curriculum provides studying the following basic disciplines:


Economics and organization of hotel and restaurant enterprises;

  • management in the hospitality industry and tourism;

  • marketing of hospitality services and tourism;

  • tourism formalities;

  • entrepreneurial activity in the IG and T;

  • information system in the IG and T;

  • planning and forecasting in the IG and T etc


Graduates of the Department have the opportunity to continue training in a magistracy and postgraduate study.

From 2014, the Department of hotel and travel business provides training of masters in the following programs:

• 38.04.02 – "Management". Program title: "international tourist business"

• 43.04.03 "Hotel business". The name of the program: "Corporate strategy in the hospitality industry"