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About the Department

We are leaders in the field of teaching fundamental financial discipline ("Finance", "State and Municipal Finance", "International Finance," "Pricing") and in formation of essential skills and competencies of the modern financier.

The Department conducts professional teaching and graduates:

  1. bachelors in 01.08.00 "Economics" profile "Finance and Credit", full-time training;
  2. masters in the direction 03.08.00 "Finance and Credit" - a program "Corporate Finance" and "Strategic Finance", part-time form of training;
  3. candidates and doctors of economic sciences on specialties: 08.00.05 - economics and management of national economy (pricing) and 08.00.10 - finances, money circulation and credit

Learning process is conducted by professors and associate professors with wide teaching and practical experience. Learning process includes using interactive educational technologies on lessons: case methods, role play, situational analysis, trainings, workshops etc.

We are the market leader in the educational financial literature. The Department is awarded honorary diploma "Market Leader" for a series of textbooks on financial disciplines by the publishing house INFRA-M.

The Department has a postgraduate school (full-time, part-time), teaching according the following standards:

  1. 08.00.05 - economics and management of national economy (pricing);
  2. 08.00.10 - finances, money circulation and credit.

The Department is a leader in research. Basing on the scientific activity of the Department V.A. Slepov founded scientific school "Finance". Scientific mission of this school is increasing the efficiency of the Russian financial system in terms of financial globalization. The structure of the scientific school of "Finance" consists of 9 doctors and 35 candidates of economic sciences, 28 post-graduates and students.

And the most important thing. We love our work and happy to carry out its mission in the market of scientific and educational services.