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The list of disciplines:

  • Money, credit, banks
  • Money, credit, banks (in English)
  • Organization of activity of commercial bank
  • Organization of activity of central bank
  • International monetary and credit relations
  • Bank marketing
  • Bank management
  • Bank risk-management
  • Payment and settlement systems
  • Settlement and payment technologies
  • Bank price setting
  • Management of problematic bank debts
  • Training bank
  • Mortgage lending
  • Banking
  • Lease financing
  • Investment activity
  • Banks foreign exchange transactions
  • International monetary and financial relations
  • Credit policy of the company


List of disciplines of Master degree:

  • Recent problems of mortgage lending
  • Bank crisis and anti-crisis business management
  • The patterns of integration of the national banking system in the global financial market
  • Bank investment technologies
  • Innovative strategies and technologies of risk management in commercial bank
  • Innovative technology of retail banking services
  • Innovative technology of modern banking currency transactions
  • Concepts of functioning of modern payment and settlement systems
  • Methodology and practice of interaction between banks and companies
  • Prospects and practical aspects of monetary policy of megaregulator
  • Problems of structuring of modern banking system
  • Development of credit banks
  • Modern marketing techniques in a commercial bank
  • Modern strategies of management of problematic bank debts
  • Strategy and modern management model in the field of monetary relations​