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The scientific activity of our department Research work at the department is active. Over the last three years it was filed more than 30 applications for the competition of research (including the won - 7 applications). The Department actively participates in conferences, symposia, round tables, etc., national and international level. In just the past three years members of the department took part in 20 such events. The chair shows also publicistic activity. In just the past few years the staff of the department published more than 300 works, a total volume of more than 200 pp We received several certificates of registration of an electronic resource (patent) assistant professor. Seven doctors carry out management of research graduate students and applicants. In addition to provide leadership course and diploma projects, as well as practical training of students. Research students is organized within the framework of the functioning of the scientific club of young careerists "How to be an effective minister" of the number of active students, undergraduates and graduate students under the direction of head of the department, Doctor of Economics, professor RA Abramov and the Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor Orlov AV and guide students' scientific works in the framework of the annual conferences "Plekhanov Readings". To date, it signed three contracts for the execution of research with businesses totaling more than $ 2.5 million. According to relevant and topical themes of modern economics: "The formation of the strategic concept of the complex is the fishery management regions of the Far East", "Improving the management of the functioning of the system of public transport in the regional aspect" "Optimization of the PPP investment -building projects in Russian regions" In 2014, the application of the Department of State and Municipal Management has won the open tender for the right to conduct research for the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo.) with the right to conduct research on "Provision of services for the development of proposals for updating the Interstate program innovative cooperation of - participants of the CIS for the period till 2020 ". The main goal - to develop proposals for mainstreaming "of the Interstate program of innovation development of the CIS member states for the period until 2020" in order to create an effective mechanism for the implementation of innovative projects of the Program and to give it the status of "target". In solving the problems in the field of innovation development of the most promising is a target-oriented approach with the involvement of the consolidated budget and extra-budgetary sources. The existing experience of program-target method of management gives the highest effect on the correct setting priorities, justifying the decision sequence of program objectives, concentration of financial resources on achieving the designated goals. The use of program-target approach enhances the development of the innovation sector, has significant advantages for solving problems requiring complex inter-agency cooperation. Translation programs "target" is particularly important, given its priorities and focus on socio-economic development of the Commonwealth. Development of proposals for updating the program should provide an effective, comprehensive, integrated solution to the major problems of implementation of the program and create a clear algorithm for passing examinations and funding approved by the decision of the Council of CIS Heads of Government Innovation Projects Program.