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For applicants

Dear applicants!

We're pleased to welcome future leaders of state and municipal government of Russia! We wholeheartedly hope that you will never be disappointed that opted for our University and our department, and will try to do our best. During educational process we pay special attention to the relevance and diversity of the studied issues in the course of professional disciplines, the quality of education and the development of personal potential of our students. You have a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge "at first hand", as taught in our department or conduct guest lectures honored economists, businessmen and politicians in Russia. Training takes place using modern techniques, such as the solution of business cases, analysis of articles, writing policy briefs, and computer technology that allows more data to visualize and "work out" the theoretical knowledge by simulating real-life situations. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a diverse and vibrant student life. Our students participate in sports activities, engaged in charity, attend public authorities as part of tour groups, write poetry and prose, participate in cultural events. In addition, the system of supervision, and older students are happy to advise, protect those who only got into our "family". We think everyone can find something interesting to him and open up in this field. Do not put off the decision for tomorrow, come to us today!​