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The following disciplines are assigned to the department of civil law disciplines:

1. Current issues of civil law

2. Current issues of Eurasian law

3. Actual problems of contractual regulation

4. Actual problems of the theory of state and law

5. Current issues of private law regulation of economic relations

6. The arbitration process

7. Civil procedure

8. Civil and commercial law of foreign countries

9. Civil law

10. Civil law as a regulator of economic relations

11. Contract law

12. Documentation support of management activities

13. Eurasian law

14. Housing law

15. Legislative support for investments

16. Land law

17. Institutions of civil and commercial law of foreign countries

18. History of the state and law of foreign countries

19. History of the state and law of Russia

20. History of state-political teachings

21. Istria of political and legal doctrines

22. History of business law

23. History of state and law teachings

24. Corporate law

25. International corporate law

26. International law

27. Public international law

28. Private international law

29. International economic law

30. Legal regulations and professional standards in the field of procurement

31. Fundamentals of intellectual property

32. Fundamentals of intellectual property law

33. Features of legal regulation in the field of procurement for state and municipal needs

34. Human rights

35. Law of the Union state of Belarus and Russia

36. Legal regulation of economic security

37. Legal foundations of the digital economy

38. Business law

39. Legal bases of economic security

40. Problems of anti-corruption in the sphere of economic activity

41. Family law

42. Theory of state and law

43. Theory and practice of legal regulation of business activity

44. Forms of state support and ensuring competition in the economy

45. Environmental law

46. Economic law

47. Economic justice and protection of the rights of economic entities

48. Energy law