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About the Department

Our Civil Law Department is represented by 30 teachers. These are 18 doctors of law, 18 candidates of law and 8 teachers without a degree in law.

Head of Civil Law Department is Rashad Kurbanov, an honoured Russian lawyer, Doctor of Law and Professor.

The main attention of the Civil Law Department staff is paid to the training of skilled lawyers (bachelors, masters, specialists, graduate school), full-time, in- and extramural, part-time, distance and other forms of training in the Faculty of Economics and Law and other University Faculties.

Civil Law Department carries out study programme of higher professional education based on the following Directions:   

030900.62 - "Jurisprudence" specialization - "civil" qualifications (degree) of the graduate – bachelor training term 4-  years

030501.65 - "jurisprudence" specialization - "civil" qualifications (degree) of the graduate - specialist duration of study - 5 years  

Graduates of the Department have opportunity to continue their education in a graduate school. 

Starting from 1 September 2013 Civil Law Department teaches graduate students in the following areas:  

speciality 12.00.03 direction: civil law; business law; family law; private international law  

speciality 12.00.15 direction: civil litigation; arbitration proceedings.

Areas of research activity:  Civil Law Department arranges and carries our research activities on the most important issues of civil law of the Russian Federation. The main areas of students' research activities are focused on main problems and challenges in civil and labor law spheres, civil and arbitration process, family law, social security law, inheritance and housing law, corporate law, contract law, as well as advocacy and notary.