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Formation of a high professional level of graduates in the field of control, accounting and auditing.

The department of State financial control, accounting and auditing is one of the basic structural units of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics .

The main purpose of functioning and development of the department is to improve the educational process in the field of quality of education in line with the mission and strategy of the university as well as the provision of training to meet the needs of society and the labor market in qualified, competitive specialists-economists in the field of accounting, analysis and control of higher education and scientific-pedagogical personnel having general cultural, professional and specialized competencies, socially responsible, creative exercising professional activities.

Achieving this goal required the solution of these interconnected problems:

- organization of educational classes on subjects assigned to the department and the passage of undergraduate students practice in accordance with the basic educational programs;

- implementation of the quality control of content and teaching disciplines and educational-methodical maintenance of all educational programs;

- study, generalization and dissemination of work experience of the best teachers to help young teachers in the mastery of pedagogical skills;

- training of the teaching staff of the department;

- organization of research work of students, graduate students, doctoral students, teachers, research on topical issues and questions of the introduction of new learning technologies;

- implementation of educational work with students, staff, based on the educational potential of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.​