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The formation of social and personal guidance of students' possessing knowledge in the field of fundamental historical disciplines as the basis for quality education. The development of moral and Patriotic values among students of PRUE

​​​​​​​Head of the Department is Irina M. Kornilova, Ph.D. in History, Professor.​

The Department provides teaching of the historical, philosophical and socio-humanitarian disciplines for students of Bachelors and specialists, Master's degree students and graduate students of the University.
The main objective of the Department is to develop  independence, creativity, critical thinking, communication culture, mind broadening, ability to interpret and evaluate life and historical phenomena and processes in students.
To achieve this purpose the faculty of the Department provides learning process of new teaching materials using computer technology and interactive teaching methods.​

The objectives of the Department:
1. Ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of teaching.
2. Improving the scientific and methodological level of lectures, seminars, development of creative abilities of students.
3. The development of work programs of the disciplines taught at the Department.
4. A comprehensive methodological support of educational disciplines of the Department, including the preparation of textbooks and teaching AIDS.
5. The research on historical, philosophical and humanitarian areas.
6. The provision of virtual learning environment for extracurricular development of students are taught. 
7. The discussions prepared by members of the Department, graduate students and applicants of the research work and providing recommendations to the defense of dissertations and publication of articles.
8. The organization of scientific-research work of students and their participation in scientific conferences and seminars.
Objectives of the Department were not only to increase the intellectual, educational and research level of young people, but also in developing personal and moral potential of students.