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Training of qualified specialists who have fundamental knowledge in the sphere of informatics and applied mathematics, with the goal to develop the stable cultural and professional competence of graduates.


The Department of Informatics was established on October, 23 1979. Since September 2011 Department is headed by Doctor of Economics, professor Olga Victorovna Kitova.

The Department of Informatics carries out teaching and scientific research in following areas:

‒ theoretical and applied Informatics;

‒ information business analytics and predictive modeling in various fields of economics and management;

‒ intellectual information systems, corporate performance management;

‒ management of information and intellectual resources of the organization based on knowledge management systems;

‒ electronic business;

‒ information management;

‒ information security;

‒ software engineering.

All members of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Informatics regularly publish results of their research on the most topical issues of Informatics in recognized Russian and foreign editions, and also monographs and textbooks.

Directions of a bachelor degree:

09.03.03 «Applied informatics» (program «Applied Informatics in Economy»)

38.03.05 «Business informatics» (program «Enterprise Architecture»)

The direction of master degree:

09.04.03 «Applied Informatics» (program «Information business intelligence»)

38.04.05 «Business informatics» (program «e-business and Internet project management») 

The direction of postgraduate training:

09.06.01 «Informatics and computer technology»

The Department actively cooperates with the leading IT companies: IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, 1C, etc. IBM Academic center of competence «Smart Commerce» in PRUE works in close cooperation with the Department of Informatics.