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Сonducting research and educational activities in the area of antitrust law and regulation

​​The Department has been established on the basis of educational and researches centre "Management" and directed for students and civil servants, receiving additional education, to learn the basic concepts of the antitrust law.

Head of the Department is Vitaliy G. Korolev, Candidate in Economic sciences, deputy chief officer of FAA, he says:"Federal Antitrust Authority has focused efforts on competition advocacy. The opening of the specialized departments at leading universities of the country is an integral part of this work. Taking into account the transfer to the FAA functions on tariff setting and regulation, the task of such departments is not only to give knowledge on the Antimonopoly regulation and competition development, but also to build knowledge in the sphere of establishment of tariffs, and of course, the training of professionals who would ultimately work in this direction. It is no secret that the demand for qualified professionals in the tariff regulation is very high, so students who chose this specialization, will always be marketable on the labour market"