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Preparation of highly qualified specialists who are able to carry out modeling, design and implementation of modern information systems of enterprises and organizations, as well as establish and maintain effective information security system

Welcoming speech of the head of the department of Applied Information Technology and Information Security Yuriy Telnova, Ph.D., professor, laureate of the Russian Federation President Prize in Education in 1999.

The Department of Applied Information Technology and Information Security established on the basis of the Department of Applied Informatics in Economics and the department Integrated information security of automated systems of, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. As part of the educational and methodical association in Applied Informatics and Information Security the department was actively involved in the development of federal state of educational standards and about the basic educational programs in directions of preparation, "Applied Informatics" and "Information Security", as well as professional standards "Programmer", "Leader software development", "Specialist​ in information systems ".

Personnel and scientific potential of the department includes: 4 professors, doctors of sciences; 17 associate professors and candidates of sciences; 6 senior lecturers. At the department 1 doctor and 6 graduate students are taught on scientific specialties 080013 "Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics" and 051301 "System analysis, management and data processing (on branches)".  

The department provides educational and methodological and scientific-research work in the following directions of preparation:

1.                Applied Informatics, profiles:

- Engineering Enterprises and Information Systems (Bachelor);

- Corporate Information Systems (Bachelor);

- Information systems and corporate management (Yuri Telnov, master's program, manager, PhD, Professor).

2.                Information security, profiles:

- Safety of the automated systems (Bachelor);

- Information-analytical system of financial monitoring (Bachelor).


The Department also teaches disciplines in other directions as the preparation of IT as economic profiles, databases, information systems, information security, enterprise architecture, reengineering and management of business processes, systems, artificial intelligence, enterprise resource planning, systems of relationship management with customers, electronic document management system, information-analytical systems, information systems and technologies in a variety of applications (in management, in business, in banking, in the tax area, in accounting, in law and others.).

The Department successfully carries out research work supported by RFBR and RFH:

  • Development of the methodology for modeling and designing business process management systems to improve productivity and efficiency of work in non-manufacturing sector of the electronic university example (state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation);
  • Development of methods and tools for building information-educational environment based on ontological and multi-agent approach (RFBR);
  • Methodology of creation of intellectual tutoring system based on the behavior of the control mechanisms of learning in a rapidly changing educational environment (RFBR);
  • State regulation of the basic high-tech industries, taking into account the risks of transformation of their development (RFH);
  • The study of dynamic data partitioning of algorithms the resource level (sharding) and replication for the organization of automatic scaling of multi-tenancy database in a cloud infrastructure (RFBR);
  • Study of the possibilities of using graph databases for building and storing ontologies in infrastructure environments of cloud computing;
  • Draft scientific conference "Engineering companies and knowledge management" (RFBR);
  • Draft scientific conference "Intellectual information systems in information warfare" (RFBR).

Currently, at the department carried out research work under a state contract with the Ministry of Education on the theme: "Development of the methodology for modeling and designing business process management systems to improve productivity and efficiency of work in non-manufacturing sector of the electronic university example." The department is actively involved in the authoritative international and Russian scientific conferences on the development of intelligent information systems, systems and software engineering, information security, situational centers, competitive intelligence, has monographs and articles in leading scientific journals on priority directions of development of information technology.

The department carries out fruitful cooperation with companies on the introduction of modern information technologies in the educational process: 1C companies, "Business Systems, the SAP within the learning paths "Corporate Information Systems", c FSUE "NII Voskhod" in the path of learning "Geographically-distributed information system", with the "Banking information systems" within the homonymous learning paths, with the companies' business analytic solutions" of SearchInform, news agency Interfax, Integrum along the trajectories of learning areas "information security." The department actively collaborates with leading IT companies:. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Software AG, etc. Graduates of the department work in various government agencies, research institutes, as well as leading international and Russian companies developing and implementing modern information systems and systems information security: 1C, the Bank of Russia, the Savings Bank of Russia, OAO «Gazprom», EC-leasing, IT, IBS, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and others.