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Yuri Lyandau is the Head of Chair of the Foundation for support of educational programs "Captains" "Innovation management and social entrepreneurship"
About the Chair
The mission of the chair is to provide high-quality education for bachelors and masters who are competitive on the national and global markets.
They will have professional knowledge and skills in organizing their own business and creating new operating enterprises. We are working with new generation of managers responsible for the results of their activities. We are working on the development of entrepreneurial activity among students of other faculties of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, as well as among schoolchildren, potential university applicants.

The following main directions of development of the department 's activities are highlighted: 

Improving the quality of the educational process through the introduction of digital technologies, project accelerators, modern educational practices, increasing the number of projects created by undergraduate and graduate students

Implementation of individual educational tracks in entrepreneurship training 

Involvement of tutors from business and government who are ready to share their real practical experience with students

Development and implementation programs of the supplementary professional education (including in online format) Conducting scientific researches for external customers and publishing the results of scientific works in the media

Increasing the number of industrial partners, developing cooperation

Development of an environment for the implementation of students' entrepreneurial projects and their transfer to regular business

Development of a digital educational platform for bachelor's and master's degrees

The chair, as a structural unit of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, trains bachelors, masters and postgraduates. 

Average age of teaching staff: 38 years
Settlement of the teaching staff: 97%

100% of the staff are constantly undergoing advanced training programs.
The department employs tutors: CEO, managers, business consultants. The main principle of selection is the availability of practical experience and the ability to work with the audience in new interactive formats.

  • Entrepreneur, investor, business consultant
  • The author of the business bestsellers
  • Degree Executive MBA (Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO)
  • Candidate of economic Sciences
  • Graduated from physical faculty of Moscow state University
  • Took personal instruction from many of the leading experts on business, marketing, management, sales, Finance and personal effectiveness of Russia and the world
  • Professional business coach and consultant, author of a number of trainings and seminars on the development of business, management and increasing profitability and sales
  • World record holder, entered the Guinness book of records (for holding "The largest online business training" in the world) — video report as it was can be seen here
  • Presenter, participant of TV and radio programs on business topics.