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The Department of Entrepreneurship and Logistics is carrying out research in several subject areas:

Logistics - including specific features of logistical methods and operations in different industries, analyzing and managing logistics risks, optimization of suppliers' selection, building integrated logistical networks and systems.

Entrepreneurship – including corporate and private entrepreneurship, developing social entrepreneurship initiatives, regional entrepreneurship development, effectiveness of government support to entrepreneurs, private-public partnerships.

Services management – including competitiveness of service organizations, quality of services research, social and government services (including education, healthcare, public transport, etc.), specific issues of services in all areas (excluding trade and hospitality, areas of research of other Plekhanov departments)

Research in our department is carried out by post-graduate and master students as part of their theses preparation, and as research projects sponsored by government agencies and private companies. 9 Professors and 5 Associate Professors supervise post-graduate research of nearly 40 doctoral students.

International research initiatives analyze companies growth strategies, including "hidden champions", "local heroes" and "gazelles" companies research​.​​​​​​