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​​​​​​The Chair trains actively both academic and teaching staff through the postgraduate study and candidacy for Specialty 05.18.15. The Thesis Committee for the defense of the doctoral and master's theses is active, too.

The Chair heads the Education Board in 'Commodity Science' and on a regular basis – once or twice a year – holds the meetings of the higher educational institutions of Russia where over 100 ones take part. The educational programs of the baccalaureate of such three profiles as 'Commodity Science and Consumer Goods Examination', 'Commodity Management' and 'Commodity Examination and Evaluation Activity' are developed and used in the training process. Over 100 disciplines are assigned to the Chair. The development is being performed as for the educational standards and programs of the Federal State Education Standards for the Higher Education in Major 100800 'Commodity Science' (of the qualification of Bachelor and Master, Generation 3+); in particular, such Master's Program as 'Ecological and Commodity Risk Management' (Major 38.04.02 'Management'). On Scientific Specialty 05.18.15, the main curriculums are worked out for training postgraduates. The training process is updated on a regular basis, in accordance with the requirements of the WTO and the Customs Union. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities act based on the international and European standards, as well as the technical regulations of the Customs Union.