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About Department

The main aim of the department of 1C company is the construction of the educational process in the most practical way in order to develop future specialists the competence to create and innovate in the field of information technology. All the efforts of the specialists of the Department are aimed at assisting students in adapting to the working environment during their education. The involvement of students in real projects allows, in turn, to grow and become the community of "1S" of young skilled employees.

Specialized basic courses of the Department are held at the head office of 1C company , with the possibility of subsequent certification exams. One of the most popular areas of work on the basis of "1S" among students is system programming or application programming which allows you to try your hand at the development of information systems as platforms and different application configurations.

The Department of 1C company regularly organizes for students of specialized contests and competitions on our software. On a regular basis students have the opportunity to train, to go through all kinds of practices on the basis of "1C" company, its partner network and large companies-customers.