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About the Department

In October of 1988, at the General Economic Faculty (GEF) of the State University of Economics, for the first time ever in the USSR, they created Specialty 1739 "National Economy Planning with the Application of the Mathematical Methods and Computers". In 1961, for the staff training in this specialty such chair as "Application of Mathematics and Computers in Planning" at Plekhanov MINE the originator of which was Doctor of Economics, Professor Ivan Popov, who headed it until 1980.


On 3 December 1983, the first economists were graduated in the new Specialty 1739. Since 1965, the Chair was renamed into the Chair of "Economic Cybernetics" which corresponded to the same-name major of specialists in Analytic Economics at the national higher school.

Over the years of its existence, the Chair trained several thousand highly qualified specialists, including those to the extent of the postgraduate study. The graduates of the Chair and its postgraduates are Academician of the RAS and Director of the Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of the RAS Valeriy Makarov; Russian public official Yakov Urinson; Russian economist, Minister of Finance, Vice-Prime Minister of the RF Government in 1996-1997 Aleksandr Livshits; and other prominent figures. Many graduates of the Chair still work at Plekhanov RUE today.


The present active workers of the Chair are: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor I. Aleshina; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor L. Petrova; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Y. Smirnova; Doctor of Economics, Professor Y. Solovyev; Doctor of Economics, Professor Y. Dorokhina; Professor T. Tikhomirova; etc. A number of the former graduates and postgraduates work in the other subdivisions of Plekhanov RUE. Honored worker of science of the RF, Doctor of Economics, Academician of the RUE, Professor A. Gusev; Doctor of Economics, Professor A. Shishkin; Associate Professors of the Chair of Marketing V. Letov and A. Tsybulevskiy; Doctor of Economics, Professor V. Nikishkin; Associate Professor of the Chair of Statistics S. Babich; and others should be pointed out.​