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Study materials

Financing of investment projects.pdf

The purpose of the course is to acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications in the field of analysis of economic and financial evaluation of investment projects, management of sources of financing.

Tasks of studying the discipline:
  • know and understand the essence of investment projects, goals, objectives and the effectiveness of their financing in the financial management system of the company;
  • get an idea of ​​the main types of investment projects and their features in the investment management system;
  • be able to analyze and select indicators of financial evaluation of investment projects;
  • get the theoretical foundations and practical skills of making managerial decisions in the field of financing investment projects, determining the volumes, forms, methods, sources of financing and their structure, methods for its optimization.

Keywords: investment analysis, investing, investment activity, real investment, portfolio investment, investment project, investment portfolio

The purpose of the discipline: the formation of students with solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills in investing in various investment objects.

Tasks of studying the discipline:
  • to study the basics of investment activity;
  • to acquaint with the essence of capital investments and investment projects;
  • disclose the concepts of the effectiveness of the investment project, the available methods of assessing the effectiveness of investment projects;
  • determine the main forms and methods of financing an investment project;
  • know the nature, goals, objectives and principles of portfolio investment;
  • be able to assess the expected return and risk of an individual stock and portfolio as a whole;
  • to gain skills in building the boundaries of effective portfolios and forming an optimal portfolio according to G. Markowitz and W. Sharp;
  • know the basics of analyzing a bond portfolio.