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About Branch

Yaroslavl branch was established in 1996 as Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics (MESI) branch. In 2015 it joined Plekhanov Russian University of Economics as a Yaroslavl branch of Federal state budget educational institution of higher education "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia №185 of 03/10/2015 about Federal state budget educational institution of higher education "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" and Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics (MESI) association.

The branch conducts educational activities on programs of higher, secondary and additional education and takes its rightful place among Yaroslavl institutions on training of highly qualified specialists I the field of economics, management, marketing, commercial matters, informational technologies.  

Yaroslavl branch of PRUE is:

  • modern University focused on high quality education corresponding to the innovative economy requirements
  • research and innovation activity for sustainable development of the region's economy
  • advanced information and educational technologies
  • educational work directed on creation of conditions for development and fulfillment of the individual student
  • highly qualified faculty
  • graduates in-demand on the labour market​

Educational technologies

Modern software, local computer network, classrooms equipped with computers and modern packages of applied professional programs, multimedia equipment and communication systems allow to conduct the educational process at a high level. The branch makes extensive use of advanced technology: the information-educational environment, interactive video conferencing, online broadcast in real time. Online access to information resources of the University provides an enterprise portal, an electronic library.

Each student has the opportunity to study with e-textbooks, manuals, presentations, and other elements of educational and methodical complex developed in each discipline. When assessing the knowledge and skills of students both traditional and point-rating system of evaluation are used.

Science and innovations

The branch conducts dynamic scientific and educational activities in order to integrate business, science and educational process.

Branch specialists take part in implementation of state orders for applied scientific researches on topical problems of socio-economic development of the region.

A set of consulting services developed for educational institutions of the Yaroslavl region on the implementation of modern teaching methods.

The branch actively works with companies and organizations that have more than 50 training programs, as well as a range of Advisory services.

Agreements on cooperation and interaction with public associations of employers, relevant regional organizations and other organizations and institutions.

Close communication with enterprises and organizations of the Yaroslavl region allows of professionals and practitioners to be actively involved in educational process.

The development of student's personality

The success of our students in events of different levels largely depends on the effective system of student government. Since 1998 the Student Union has been representing the interests of youth in educational, scientific and social life of the University. Scientific conferences, festivals, intellectual and creative contests, competitions, interest clubs, sections await students.

The branch developed a model of interaction "University – employer" on the formation of professional competences of the graduates to their employment. Educational, industrial and pre-degree practice combined in an incessant process.

To increase the competitiveness of future graduates different courses of additional professional education will be enabled. All students are given the opportunity to learn on international programs, to participate in student exchanges and internships abroad.

The administration branch provides assistance to students in finding accommodation, including places in the dormitories of other institutions in the absence of it. Students are provided with food and the medical office at the branch. ​