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About Branch


Among the пeneral public of Mongolia Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has long had the reputation of forge of highly qualified personnel. Studying at the leading Russian school gives a great deal of Mongolian young men and women not only in terms of professional and cultural level, but also largely determines their way of life, provides an opportunity to take their rightful position in society.

Currently, PREU provides training of national specialists of Mongolia, not only in the walls of the University, but also in Ulan Bator. In 1999, the branch of the University was founded in the capital of Mongolia. Created on the basis of 70 years of experience in training of national specialists of Mongolia, the Ulan Bator branch of the PREU has been carrying out for fifteen years of successfully training in programs of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education. The branch also provides education on programs of primary General, basic General and secondary (complete) education. Only in two educational institutions of Mongolia certificate of the Russian sample, and a Branch of them. Students are provided with a comfortable environment to get a fancy education and all-round development of their personality. Training at all levels is conducted in Russian language at Russian educational standards. Currently, the Branch has approximately 1200 students, employs more than 140 members of faculty and staff. Educational process in the higher education programmes is carried out by involving staff of scientific and pedagogical workers and scientific-pedagogical employees of the head of the University, providing classes to students "in shifts", and also involvement of part-time workers on an hourly basis. Graduates of the Ulan Bator branch receive the same diplomas as in Moscow. Branch of Plekhanov successfully continues the best traditions of education in Mongolia. During its existence the Ulan Bator branch 12 times graduated its students. About 400 highly qualified specialists are successfully working in the banking and financial sector, in the joint institutions of Russia and Mongolia. The expert from the Plekhanov diploma and knowledge of the Russian language is in demand everywhere. The Ulan Bator branch of the PREU is actually the only sector of the Russian education in Mongolia and makes a worthy contribution to strengthening the traditional friendship of Russia and Mongolia.​