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About Branch

The Tula branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is a dynamically developing educational institution, which implements programs of higher and postgraduate professional education with a student population of about 2 thousand people.

 For strategy implementation, multi-level system of education, the Tula branch of PREU offers not only highly qualified teaching staff, among which 62% of candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 14% — doctors of Sciences, professors, but also sufficient material and technical base, including lecture halls and classrooms, specialized laboratory of commodity science, foreign languages classrooms and computing facilities, a library with a solid Foundation of educational and scientific literature.

Currently, the structure of the branch comprises three departments:

One for General training: "Department of Humanities";

Two for "Department of Economics, management and trade Affairs", "Department of Finance and information technology management.

The Tula branch of PREU admits that in a society based on knowledge, the need for learning throughout life becomes a reality and is aimed at:

actively implement the system of multi-level and continuous training;

to develop as an integrated institution implementing the programmes of the various steps, including research (master's), providing each learner the possibility of formation of individual educational trajectory;

to carry out postgraduate support their graduates (professional development, professional retraining, training in a magistracy, postgraduate study and doctoral studies), ensuring their career growth.