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To students

Kemerovo Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is actively engaged in educational work in formation of the students' world view, system of basic values, spiritual, moral and legal education; civic and patriotic education; cultural and aesthetic development; sports and health training; volunteering.


The Institute has a number of facilities at students' disposal:

• the Institute History Museum;

• a library;

• an assembly hall;

• classrooms equipped with educational facilities: laptops, multimedia projectors, tape recorders, TV sets, video players, video cameras, stereocomplexes, the sufficient number of screens, multimedia boards, etc;

• specialized classrooms and laboratories;

• a mini printing-office;

• dormitories;

• a health center

• a canteen and four local fast food outlets located in educational buildings.

Facilities and resources of the Kemerovo Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics provide the implementation of all kinds of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary training: laboratory, practical and research works according to educational curricula.

For the efficient organization of students` and pupils` educational and extracurricular activities in sports and health improvement, the training sessions are held in the Institute gym.

Each student is provided with the access to e-library systems.

Numerous agreements with leading enterprises and companies have been concluded by the Institute for the students to undertake industry focused practical training.

Graduates of the Kemerovo Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics work in large companies as well as in small and medium businesses.


The industry focused practical training and employment assistance Sector helps the Institute graduates to build a career plan and develop professionally.​