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About Branch

​​The Russian economic university named after G.V.Plekhanov is one of the largest economic educational institutions, the oldest higher educational institution of an economic profile in Russia.

The history of REU named after G.V.Plehanov goes back to the beginning of the XX century and directly is connected with activity of the Moscow society of providing commercial education. In 1897 the Moscow businessmen and financiers with A.S.Vishnyakov at the head, decided to develop a system for economic education. In order to prepare teachers of special disciplines in 1903 they started higher commercial courses, which were transformed to Moscow Commercial Institute three years later. The institute received its official status of high school by the Order of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on 19th of  February, 1907 and this date is considered to be the formal "birthday" of REU named after G.V. Plekhanov.


Having received the status of a higher educational institution, the Moscow commercial institute became the first economic high school of Russia. After social and economic development of Russia in the end of XIX and the beginnings of the XX centuries it became necessary to prepare economists, financiers, businessmen, commodity researchers, engineers. By 1917 the Moscow commercial institute became the largest higher school of Russia of an economic profile. In 1917 it had more than  6,5 thousand  students.


In 1919 the Moscow commercial institute has been nationalized, united with commercial schools and renamed into the Moscow institute of a national economy named after Karl Marx. Later, in 1924 D. B.Ryazanov suggested to change the name of the institute. At last the institute was named after George Valentinovich Plekhanov.


In 1930s  on the basis of separate faculties of the institute a number of higher educational institutions were founded, including the Moscow economic-statistical institute (MESI).  During Great Patriotic War the institute named after G.V. Plekhanov was the only one among all economic institutes in Moscow that had not been evacuated and continued functioning, not only training  students but also making  researches for the defensive industry.


Yerevan branch of MESI had been successfully providing educational services in Armenia since 2004. Within these years the branch had proved to be one of the leading educational institutions providing both vocational and higher educational services.

On 11th of March, 2015 Ministry of Education and Science of Russia signed the order on joining MESI (the Moscow state university of economy, statistics and informatics) to REU named after G.V.Plekhanov and accordingly the Yerevan branch of MESI was reorganized to  the Yerevan branch of REU named after G.V.Plekhanov.


The Yerevan branch of REU named after G.V.Plekhanov is an educational, methodological, research-and-cultural centre, developing and providing high quality education to all interested persons irrespective of their residence for their full and effective participation in public and professional spheres. It realizes joint innovative projects, develops cooperation in the sphere of education between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia.

Our educational services are focused on the international level, are based on knowledge control system, information-communication technologies, the Armenian and Russian state educational and international standards.

 Ереванский филиал.JPG

The education provided in Yerevan branch of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov is based on the latest systems of education, information and computer technologies in combination with traditional methods.

Strategy of development of the Yerevan branch of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov presupposes complete provision of educational, educational-methodological and scientific materials to all students and scientific-pedagogical employees. 


Currently, the branch implements educational programs:


Secondary vocational education on the basis of 9-th class

  • Economics and accounting,
  • Banking,
  • Applied Informatics

    Higher education in bachelor degree
  • Economics,
  • Management
  • Applied Informatics

     The branch operates the following research centers:

    • The Russian-Armenian center of Russian language and culture – cofounded by the Russian center in Yerevan 

    • The Russian-Armenian center for business consultations

    • CISCO Academy – founded with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in RA

    The branch has a modern library. The library Fund includes both Russian, Armenian and foreign literature in all fields of study, there is a reading room, and the library fund is systematically replenished with new modern editions. As supplements electronic library is widely used, which is dynamically updated, includes all the latest publications, monographs and scientific works of modern scientists and in particular materials published by REU. The e- library has both local and remote access via a Web interface that allows students to have full access to the library of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov. 

     To ensure the educational process and scientific research the Branch is equipped with modern local network, computer classes, laboratories and multimedia multifunctional classes. There is a medical cabinet for students and staff in need of urgent care and first aid. There's all the necessary set of medicines and medical equipment.

    The work on immunization, hygiene education and promotion of healthy lifestyle is carried out annually.

    The branch has a canteen with a flexible ​​system of fees and prices for staff and students.

    The sport complex includes sport and fitness rooms equipped with exercise equipment, treadmill, exercise bike, etc.

    Today the Yerevan branch of PREU is an educational institution, attracting compatriots to Armenia from different countries of the world.