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About Branch

080100 - Economics (profile "Taxes and taxation")

080100 - Economics (profile "Accounting, analysis and audit")

100700 trading business (profile Marketing in commercial activities")

100700 trading business ("Commerce")

080200 Management (specialization "Management of organizations of trade")

260800 - production Technology and public catering organization (specialization "Technology and organization of restaurant business")

030900 Jurisprudence (civil law)

080111 Marketing (specialization "Marketing in trade")

036401 Customs clearance

080109 - Accounting, analysis and audit

080507 - Management of organizations (specialization "Management of trade organizations")

260501 - Technology products catering

030501 - Jurisprudence

080301 Commerce (major in Commerce on the market of goods and services")

38.02.04 Commerce (on branches)

38.02.05 commodity and examination of consumer goods quality

43.02.01 service Organization in public catering

38.02.01 Economy and accounting (on branches)

09.02.03 Programming in computer systems

19.02.10 Technology of catering products​