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About the Branch

First statistical college in the Altay region opened in the small two-story building in the yard of the house № 5 on Lenin Avenue at Barnaul. On the second floor was located the boundary Statistical Office, on the ground floor in the half-basement there was a college. The place was clearly not corresponding to the number of students, it was poorly suited, but there was no alternative. During these years at Barnaul higher education institutions (politechnic, medical, and other institutions) were being built. It was necessary to transfer several secondary specialized educational institutions in cities and towns areas. This way it was decided to transfer the statistical college from Barnaul to Slavgorod.


In 1961 this question was coordinated with the leadership of Party Committee. Department of railroad which occupied two two-storey buildings at that time was transferred in the Novosibirsk region Karasuk. With some difficulty management of the Western-Siberian Railway has agreed to the request of regional and local authorities on the transfer of the liberated buildings on college balance. For that they had to visit Novosibirsk twice. And in October 1961 the college was transferred from Barnaul to Slavgorod. This way the day of foundation of statistical college in our town became October 1961.


​Studied at college of the many areas of the region and other areas. For a long time an educational institution was the only one of such a profile in the Western Siberia and subordinate department of educational institutions Central Statistical RSFSR. The first years a college trained statisticians of wide profile who are familiar with taking into account in agriculture, industry, construction, transport and other sectors of the economy. Graduates of it worked in state statistics bodies, as well as accountants, economists at various enterprises, in institutions of country. Obviously most of them worked and are working at Slavgorod.


Life does not stand still, the human mind is moving forward, and since the early 60-ies the statistical science has been actively implemented computer technology: first - a manual, in 70- electronic and computing, in the 80s - the computer.


Statistical college was converted to staff training in connection with the demands of the time: in the beginning- in a college of accounting mechanization, after that- informatics and computer science, began training specialists to work to work on perforators, tabulators, accounting and other computing machines and mechanics to repair computer equipment. In 80s began training specialists to work on computers.


Since 1961 more than 6 thousand of specialists of different profile such as accountants, accountants-programmers, technicians and electronic engineers were trained.


In 2006 college became a part of "Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI)". In 2015 by reorganizing of the college became part of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Today according to the charter, the full name of the college is Altay College of Informatics and Computer Engineering (branch) of federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics".