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Ulan Bator branch provides a unique opportunity for education according to the Russian educational standards in Mongolia and makes a worthy contribution to the development of cooperation between Russia and Mongolia.

The Ulan Bator branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, successfully conducts training on programs of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator since 1999. The branch also provides education on programs of primary, basic and secondary education. Only two educational institutions of Mongolia, including the branch, give the certificate of the Russian standard. Students are provided with a comfortable environment to get prestigious education and all-round development of their personality. Training at all levels is conducted in Russian language at Russian educational standards. Currently, the branch has approximately 1200 students, employs more than 140 members of faculty and staff. The Ulan Bator branch of PREU is the only complex of the Russian education in Mongolia and makes a worthy contribution to strengthening the traditional friendship of Russia and Mongolia.​​​