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Training employers of higher education to meet the current and prospective conditions of society development, training in economic and trade areas, education of students in accordance with the standards of University education.

The Tula branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is a dynamically developing educational institution, which implements programs of higher and postgraduate professional education with a student population of about 2 thousand people.

 For strategy implementation, multi-level system of education, the Tula branch of PREU offers not only highly qualified teaching staff, among which 62% of candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 14% — doctors of Sciences, professors, but also sufficient material and technical base, including lecture halls and classrooms, specialized laboratory of commodity science, foreign languages classrooms and computing facilities, a library with a solid Foundation of educational and scientific literature.

Currently, the structure of the branch comprises three departments:

One for General training: "Department of Humanities";

Two for "Department of Economics, management and trade Affairs", "Department of Finance and information technology management.

The Tula branch of PREU admits that in a society based on knowledge, the need for learning throughout life becomes a reality and is aimed at:

  • actively implement the system of multi-level and continuous training;
  • to develop as an integrated institution implementing the programmes of the various steps, including research (master's), providing each learner the possibility of formation of individual educational trajectory;
  • to carry out postgraduate support their graduates (professional development, professional retraining, training in a magistracy, postgraduate study and doctoral studies), ensuring their career growth.
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