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The first branch of a Russian University in Uzbekistan. Quality education, the age-old traditions, modern technologies, the demand for personnel.

​​Today the Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Tashkent holds a leading position in the education market and is a leading centre for the training of economists. Guarantee quality education in the branch are modern educational technologies, informatization of educational process and highly qualified teaching staff. Effective research activities of the Branch, closely linked to practice, is the key and Foundation for sustained improvements in the quality of education in accordance with the international standards of the latest generation. The Tashkent branch has three research schools, which are worthy successors of traditions of PREU and bring together leading scientists-economists of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation. In order to create an environment for information exchange and also for coverage of achieved results in the field of Economics, innovation development of economy and education in the Branch PREU in Tashkent created the electronic scientific journal "Science and Innovations". However, the publishing activity of the branch is not limited to production of electronic publications. Last year the efforts of the scientific schools of the branch prepared and published the monograph "national economy: theoretical aspects and modern trends", the book "New course of economic theory", the textbook "Planning and forecasting in the economy", and Publishing house of UCSI University Malaysia published the book "Management and marketing of tourism", prepared in the branch. Publishing activities of the Branch has attracted considerable interest and recognition not only in our country but also abroad – at the international exhibition and conference best books, at the Istanbul international book fair, the University Gunadarma (Indonesia).Branch REU named after G. V. Plekhanov in Tashkent maintains wide international contacts with many universities in the world. For centuries the level of University education, research, publications, determined the degree of civilization of a society. Universities have always served as the channels through which passed international communication. In modern society the role of universities performing the role of regional, scientific, educational, cultural centres, is even higher. Tashkent Branch is closely integrated into the international scientific community and is constantly expanding cooperation between partners based on common interests. Long-standing friendships and business relations branch of the University Gunadarma (Indonesia), which ranked among the ten best universities in the country. Between this prestigious educational institution and the Branch has a cooperation Agreement that envisages joint scientific research, exchange of teachers and scholars for consultations, organization of joint conferences. Their connection supports the branch with UCSI University (Malaysia), which concluded the Memorandum on cooperation in scientific and educational fields. The results of the joint activities of our universities are discussed at international conferences, which are held regularly. Contacts have been established with Shanghai University (China), which also signed a cooperation Agreement. Students of our Branch took part in the Summer school of Economics, where they got acquainted with the work of the joint Chinese enterprises. Perspective directions of cooperation are also discussed with the leading universities in South Korea - INHA University and International school of business Solbridge University, Wusong. Extensive contacts have been established with major European universities. Among them in the first place should be called the oldest higher education institution in Europe – the famous University of Bologna (Italy), which has more than 1000 years of history and huge reputation in the scientific world. Our universities have organized a joint publication of books and monographs, and literature of the great thinkers of Europe and the East. Partnership connects the Affiliate with a number of universities in Germany - University Magdeburg, the University Friedrich Schiller in Jena, University of applied Sciences Dresden, University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. The list of European universities with which the Branch is associated with cooperation agreements and partnership, you can continue to the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Turiba (Latvia), the number of Russian universities - the Ural State University of Economics, Mari University, the Dagestan University. Extensive international relations of the Tashkent branch of PRUE clearly indicates that we are entering into the world educational and scientific space and consider the international cooperation as one of priority directions of activity. With this as the fundamental principles of the activity should remain careful attitude to national achievements in the field of education, openness to international cooperation and partnership, receptiveness to international standards and best practices organization of scientific and educational activities, the most effective use of available resources in priority areas of international cooperation, tolerance as the basis of international cooperation.​